Suffolk's Biological Data Centre

Suffolk Biodiversity Information Service is Suffolk's biological data centre, we have a database with over 5 million records. 
We collate, manage and share species and site data to help inform better decisions and actions to benefit Suffolk's wildlife.

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Biodiversity Net Gain

The government has updated the timetable for Mandatory BNG, which was set to commence in November 2023. Developers in England will now be required to deliver 10% “Biodiversity Net Gain” from January 2024 onwards when building new housing, industrial or commercial developments, meaning by law they must deliver a net positive for the local environment, for example, by creating new habitats and green spaces. Biodiversity Net Gain for… more

State of Nature 2023 cover

No let-up in the decline of our wildlife

The UK’s wildlife is continuing to decline, according to the State of Nature Report 2023.

Like most other countries worldwide, the UK has seen a significant loss of its plants, animals and fungi. The data from the State of Nature cover, at most, 50 years, but this follows centuries of habitat loss, development and persecution. As a result, the UK is now one of the most nature-depleted countries on Earth… more

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