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About us

The Suffolk Biodiversity Information Service is the One-Stop-Shop for biological information in Suffolk. As an independent and objective centre for biological data our mission is to collate, curate and distribute species and site information to benefit Suffolk’s wildlife.

Suffolk has a rich collection of expert and amateur naturalists who support our work and allow us to share an ever-expanding database of over 5 million species records, across all key taxa, for conservation, research, education and general purposes.

We carry out the standard suite of local record centre functions including the storing and management of site and species records, mapping habitats and providing expertise in GIS and database tasks; we also maintain the dataset of Suffolk’s non-statutory county wildlife sites (CWS).

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The team

Top: Martin Sanford (Manager), Hannah Alred (Biological Records Officer – GIS).
Bottom: Andy Mercer (Data Migration Officer), Emma Aldous (Communications Officer).


The Suffolk Biodiversity Information Service (SBIS) is the centre for all wildlife information in Suffolk. 

We will:

  • Provide an independent service that collates, manages and supplies biodiversity data. 
  • Maintain up-to-date records of sites and species found in the county.
  • Supply data quickly to all users for conservation, research, monitoring, education and general use. 
  • Act as a data hub for recorders and organisations. 
  • Improve understanding of local wildlife by encouraging and coordinating biological recording.
  • Work with expert naturalists to increase recording skills and record quality.
  • Improve knowledge by publishing relevant guides, surveys and scientific works.
  • Ensure that the data we hold is up-to-date, accurate, trustworthy, and as complete as possible. 
  • Provide contextual information about the data that may be useful in allowing users to judge what significance should be attached to it.
  • Provide data that allow users to inform better decisions and actions. 
  • Respond to users requirements and create effective partnerships with user organisations, professionals and voluntary recorders.

We are supported by:




We are hosted by Suffolk County Council at The Hold, which is the base for all Suffolk's archives. We also have close links with Suffolk Naturalists’ Society, and GeoSuffolk.

The complete SBIS dataset is available on the NBN Atlas for public use at tetrad scale.

The SBIS Governing Board (see Terms of Reference) meets twice a year to provide independent guidance and steer the work of the Centre. For more information about Local Records Centres in the East of England and the services they provide, this useful pdf provides contact details and examples of products.