Brandon Country Park Bioblitz 2017 - Mobile Recording Form

This form has been created especially for use with Mobile phones and tablets with small screens - data input is limited to one record at a time.
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When filling in this form: input as much detail as possible, detail any keys used to identify your species and record any experts who helped you identify your species in the comments field.


Select the date of the record.


Please provide your email address. This will only be used to contact you if we require further information to verify the record.


Enter the recorder's name, if different


Enter the species name using * as a wildcard


How certain of this identification are you?


Provide an indication of the abundance


Please indicate the sex of the organism, if recorded.


Please indicate the life stage of the organism, if recorded.


If anyone helped with the identification please enter their name here


This is the precision that the record will be shown at for public viewing


You can refine the location name further if you wish. Default is set to Flatford Mill


Or simply click on your rough position on the map.