Coastal Sand Dunes - Associated Priority Species

Rock Samphire (Crithmum maritimum)
Rock samphire growing on sand dunes at Sizewell. Photo: Charles Cuthbert

Reptiles and Amphibians - link to photos

Natterjack Toad Bufo calamita

Bees and Wasps - link to photos

Brown-Banded Carder Bee Bombus humilis

Large Garden Bumblebee Bombus ruderatus 

Sea-aster Colletes Bee Colletes halophilus 

Weevil Hunting Wasp Cerceris quadricincta

5-Banded Tailed Digger Wasp Cerceris quinquefasciata

Moths - link to photos

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Moth species marked ** are designated as 'Priority - Research Only'. The species are common and widespread, but rapidly declining.

Rest Harrow Aplasta ononaria

Spiders - link to photos

Silky Gallows-spider Dipoena inornata

Heath Grasper Haplodrassus dalmatensis

Sand Running Spider Philodromus fallax

Antlion - link to photo

Antlion Euroleon nostras (Suffolk Priority species)

Plants - link to photos

Prickly Saltwort Salsola kali