Latest Records

The following list of records includes verified records and those awaiting verification of species groups you are interested in which have been recently added in your area.

Species Site name Grid Ref Date Recorder
Fringilla coelebs | Chaffinch
Ashbocking CPTM1822542407/04/2021Jacob Devenney
Carduelis carduelis | Goldfinch
Ashbocking CPTM1822542407/04/2021Jacob Devenney
Lepus europaeus | Brown Hare
Capel St MaryTM09438708/04/2021Adrian Knowles
Diastrophus rubi
Bradfield Woods NNRTL9320573807/04/2021John Pilgrim
Phasianus colchicus | Pheasant
ROYDON FENTM0976797907/04/2021AJP