Biological Records Officer job

Looking for an opportunity to combine your interest in wildlife conservation/ biological recording with a good knowledge of operating GIS (Geographic information software)? We are sad to be saying goodbye to Ben Heather, so we now need an enthusiastic and adaptable person to maintain and develop the services provided by Suffolk Biodiversity Information Service. Your role will be to take forward and develop the existing methodology and biological mapping products.


Ivy Bee Survey

Image by Ben Heather

The Ivy Bee (Colletes hederae) is a relative newcomer to Suffolk and has actually only been in the UK since 2001. It is a species whose distribution is gradually expanding northwards and can probably now be readily found throughout Suffolk. It is a fairly easy bee to identify with its boldly banded abdomen and can be found, at this time of year, foraging on Ivy flowers. The bees are solitary in terms of their nesting habits, but nesting aggregations are often quite dense in loose, friable soil – this could be your lawn or a warm south-facing bank.



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