LEPIDOPTERA (Butterflies)

County Recorder: James Corton
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A countywide survey was run by SBIS from 1982 to 1986, records (estimated 25,000) are sorted by species at SBIS but are not computerised. DMAP map files based on this survey data have been prepared for each species. New records and additional information since 1986 are added to these files and regular reports appear in the SNS Newsletter 'White Admiral'. From 1995 a new Countywide survey has been undertaken as part of a nation-wide survey co-ordinated by Butterfly Conservation. This has generated 78,000 new records. These are mapped in the Millennium Atlas of Suffolk Butterflies but the full records still require computerisation for further analysis.
There are currently over 319,000 records on the SBIS database.
The UK Butterflies site provides excellent photographs, tips on identification and national distribution maps.
Recording in Suffolk is co-ordinated through the Suffolk Branch of Butterfly Conservation
A series of recent distribution maps covereing the period 2011-2015 can be viewed here
A basic recording form can be downloaded here

Major Publications: Many notes in TSNS and the Suffolk Argus
Plebejus argus (Silver-studded Blue) colony population estimates and changes in status in Suffolk 1985-1986. 1987 Ravenscroft SWT.
The Butterflies of Suffolk - An Atlas and History. 1986 Mendel and Piotrowski SNS.
Provisional Atlases of Suffolk Butterflies - incorporating records from 1995-1998 Stewart S.B.R.C.
The Millennium Atlas of Suffolk Butterflies. 2001 Stewart SNS.

Other papers from Suffolk Natural History
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2019 Suffolk Butterfly Report. W. Stone (2020)
2018 Suffolk Butterfly Report. W. Stone (2019)
Butterflies in Christchurch Park 2019. R. Stewart (2019)
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2017 Suffolk Butterfly Report. W. Stone (2018)
2016 Suffolk Butterfly Report. W. Stone (2017)
Butterflies at Sutton Hoo. R. Stewart (2017)
2015 Suffolk Butterfly Report. W. Stone (2016)
Butterflies on Rushmere Common - a 2016 survey. R. G. Stewart (2016)
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2013 Butterfly Report. W. Stone & R. Parker (2014)
Small Copper aberration in Suffolk: 2003–2013. R. Stewart (2014)
2012 Butterfly Report. R. Parker (2013)
An update on the population of Plebejus argus Linnaeus over the six years since its translocation to Blaxhall Common, Suffolk. R. Parker (2013)
Butterfly recording between Aldeburgh and Thorpness 2012. R. G. Stewart (2013)
Small Copper aberration: 2012 records. R. G. Stewart (2013)
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Butterflies visiting nectar sources in an Ipswich garden. R. G. Stewart (2012)
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Butterfly futures. R. Parker (2006)
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Recording Butterflies in an Ipswich garden 1996-2005. R. G. Stewart (2006)
2004 Butterfly Report. R. Parker (2005)
2003 Butterfly Report. R. Parker (2004)
Suffolk grassland as a butterfly habitat. R. Parker (2003)
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Butterfly Report for 2002. R. G. Stewart (2003)
Butterfly Report for 2001. R. G. Stewart (2002)
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Movement of White Butterflies. Beaufoy, S.
Scarcity of Meadow Browns. Beaufoy, S.
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On the local Niobe butterfly. Waller, T. N.
An Apollo butterfly on the Suffolk coast. Vintner, C. H. S.

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