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  • Amphibians and Reptiles |
  • Birds |
  • Bugs |
  • Ferns and Flowering Plants |
  • Fungi and Slime Moulds |
  • Galls |
  • Liverworts and Mosses |
  • Mammals

Notes and Observations:

A Suffolk Bedstraw p.98; Hen & chickens' daisy p.98; Garden plants on Wortham Common p.97; Strange flight of Pheasant p.97; An Arum Lily introduction p.97; Fungi in an Ipswich garden p.98; Grass Snake at West Stow p.99; An unusual gall p.100; Stoat in ermine p.99; Bird-seed aliens p.101; An interesting moss p.101; Cuckoos and larvae of the Ground Lackey Moth p.102