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Suffolk Turtle Dove Survey

logoTurtle doves (Streptopelia turtur) are in trouble; they are vulnerable to global extinction (IUCN Red List of Endangered Species). They have suffered a 94% UK population decline since 1995 and a 78% decline across Europe since 1980. At this current rate of change if we don’t help this species scientists calculate that complete UK extinction as a breeding species will be a real possibility.

  • Operation Turtle Dove has an important and urgent mission to reverse the fortunes of this enigmatic and culturally significant bird. Please help us to save them.
  • Key ID information can be found at the RSPB Turtle Dove ID page
  • The archived Action Plan (BAP) 2007 and a factsheet can be found here

Please note: If your form does not save please leave it for a couple of hours and then re-try it. The database that the forms link to is provided by an external organisation that needs to periodically take it offline for software updates. We have no advance notification that this will happen.

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