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County Recorder: Alison Looser

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The SBRC organised a County Mammal Survey, which started on 1st Jan 1990. The aim was to establish the status and distribution of all mammals in the County and to publish the results as an Atlas and History in the SNS series. Over 38,000 records were computerised. The Mammals of Suffolk was published jointly by SNS and SWT in 2009. Since then, a major survey of Suffolk's Hedgehogs has added over 7,000 records and the total mammal records on the SBIS Database is now over 72,000

Suffolk Mammal Group was set up by Suffolk Wildlife Trust to coordinate and encourage studies and surveys of mammals in the county. The Suffolk Bat Group has collected information on bats in the County since 1985. Other projects include surveys of Dormice, Hedgehogs and Harvest Mice. Otters have been surveyed at irregular intervals by the Otter Trust and they have also released animals at selected sites. A major survey of otters, water voles and mink was run by SWT and the Environment Agency and records were added to the SBIS system.

MAFF collected data on various mammals including Coypu, Hares and Rabbits, Badgers and on-road casualties. Local Council Environmental Health Departments have information on pest species such as Rats and Mice though this is not always to species level.

Major Publications

The Mammals of Suffolk. Ticehurst & Andrews, H. 1932 TSNS 2: 13

The Suffolk Otter Survey. West, R. B. 1974 TSNS 16: 378

A survey of the distribution of deer in Suffolk. Cham, S. A. (1984) TSNS 20:10

The Mammals of Suffolk. Ticehurst & Andrews, H. 1932 TSNS 2: 13.
Provisional Atlases of Suffolk Mammals. 1993 (1st ed.) - 1998 (5th ed.). SBRC
A survey of the distribution of deer in Suffolk. Cham, S. A. (1984) TSNS 20:10.
Suffolk Dormouse Survey. 1986 J. Roughton SWT.
The Mammals of Suffolk. 2009. S. Bullion. SWT/SNS

Suffolk Bat Group produce regular newsletters and an annual report.

Other papers from Suffolk Natural History

Otter diet along the upper Little Ouse. R. Langston & A. Rivett (2020)
Grey Squirrel - a retraction. P. Lack (2020)
Mammal Recorder’s Report 2018. S. Bullion (2018)
Can Hazel Dormouse habitat be quantified by nesting behaviour? The influence of vegetation diversity and structure. H. Jackson (2017)
The Mammals of Suffolk: eight years on. S. Bullion (2016)
Monitoring the return of the Polecat to the ‘Far East’. Johnny Birks (2015)
Tracking down Suffolk’s Hazel Dormice: 15 years of detective work. Simone Bullion (2015)
A Water Vole Species Recovery Plan for the Eastern Region. Darren Tansley (2015)
The Hedgehog’s plight. Pat Morris (2015)
Too many deer in the woods? Implications for birds and other wildlife - a synopsis. Rob Fuller (2015)
Long term monitoring of bat boxes in Thetford Forest Park. A. Collins, A. Rivett & S. Hooton (2015)
Update on Polecats in Suffolk. S. Bullion (2015)
A very early record of Grey Squirrel in Suffolk. P. Lack (2015)
Report from the Mammal Recorder. S. Bullion (2014)
Suffolk Bats 2013. A. Miller (2014)
Two-Mile Bottom Bat Hibernaculum - from Folly to Fantasy. N. Gibbons (2013)
The distribution and status of Fallow Deer in Suffolk, with particular reference to the south-west. J. R. Martin (2012)
The long awaited return of the Polecat to Suffolk. J. R. Martin (2010)
Observations of hedgehogs Erinaceus europaeus in an Ipswich garden, June and July 2008. R. G. Stewart (2010)
Stoat climbing a tree. R. G. Stewart (2010)
The Brown Hare population at Orford Ness in June 2005 and 2006. S. Warrington & D. Cormack (2006)
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Deer: corrections and update. Chapman, N.G. (1995)
Past and present status of the Yellow-necked Mouse. Martin, J.R. (1993)
Desperately seeking ... Water shrew (Neomys fodiens) and Harvest mouse (Micromys minutus) in Broadland. Jowitt, A.J.D. & Perrow, M.R. (1993)
Chinese water deer: more records. Chapman, N.G. (1992)
The small mammals of drainage ditches - the influence of structure. Perrow, M.R., Peet, N. & Jowitt, A. (1992)
Sika deer - new to Suffolk, 1988. C.R. Naunton (1991)
Suffolk's first Striped Dolphin, Stenella coeruleoalba (Meyen) and second Fin Whale, Balaenoptera physalus (Linnaeus). H. Mendel & D.J. Lampard (1991)
Otters in East Anglia. Rowena Jessop (1991)
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Pipistrelles-Yellow Necked Mouse-Fox-Stoats and Weasels-Grey Seals-Common Seal Notes
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On Bats in West Suffolk. Gilbert, O.
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The Mammals of Suffolk. Ticehurst & Andrews, H.
Jottings about our Mammals. Andrews H.

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