Latest Records Page Updated

After some feedback we have updated the code behind the 'latest records' page. Firstly we have added the default Google maps mapping to the list of layers available to the map display and we have also updated the code behind the spreadsheet to filter by your set recording preferences. You can set your preferences within your account settings. You can choose from any of the locations added to the website so far and also those shared by other admins of the indicia recording package and or a species group.


Recording Groups on Suffolk BRO

At Suffolk Biological Recording Online we have enabled group recording to enable groups of individuals to collate and enter data in a joined up fashion. This could have various applications but one example would be a parish recording group. Such a group would enable it's members to see what has been recorded by other members of the group within the parish (or site boundary).


A better way to record

Welcome to the Suffolk Biological Recording Online pages...

These pages are not fully live yet but will be fully operational by the Spring.

Suffolk B.R.O. will offer various tools to help online recording including general record input forms, specific survey forms, bioblitz pages (for events), recording groups along with various forms of reporting for users.

Some recording will be open to unregistered users but to benefit from all the features users will need to register (details to be released).



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