Suffolk Biodiversity Information Service - Press Release


On the 1st April 2016 SBRC changed its name to Suffolk Biodiversity Information Service (SBIS). This marks the incorporation of Biodiversity advice into the range of services we offer. The new name also emphasises service provision rather than the ‘dusty cupboard’ impression given by ‘Centre’. SBIS will continue to collect, collate and manage information on the natural environment and to share that information with people in Suffolk who need it for decision making, conservation and education.


Relaunch of Suffolk Tree Warden Network

The Suffolk Tree Warden scheme is being relaunched as an independent organisation. Suffolk County Council is no longer able to support the scheme, but it is moving on to a self managed parish Tree Warden network with a bank account, constitution and executive committee. The network still falls under the tree Council umbrella. Suffolk County Council has pledged their support by giving the group a generous grant to set up a website and fund training events and workshops.


Sustainable Shores report - RSPB

The RSPB has just released a major review of the state of the UK’s coastal habitats called Sustainable Shores It sets out why our coastal habitats are so important to people and wildlife; what has been lost already; what may be lost in the future due to sea level rise and what we can do about it. Without action to adapt our coastline, the study estimates we stand to lose at least 60ha of internationally important coastal habitat each year across the UK just due to sea level rise.



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