NE appoints expert bat conservation panel

Natural England has appointed a new expert panel to help shape the future of bat conservation in this country. As Natural England considers an innovative approach to licensing across a range of species, it is looking at how the implementation of protected species legislation could be improved in its delivery for conservation and ensuring that regulation is applied proportionately. The Bat Expert Panel will provide a forum for generating ideas and testing Natural England’s thinking with the aim of securing better outcomes for bats and stakeholders.


Natural England consultation on charging for wildlife licences

Natural England's consultation on the proposal to introduce charges for wildlife licences is now open. NE has been reviewing the way it funds and delivers its wildlife licensing service to ensure it provides value for money for the taxpayer and licence applicants, and delivers good outcomes for wildlife. They have put forward a proposal to introduce charges for certain areas of licensing work, which will enable them to invest in the service in line with increasing customer demand.The consultation will close on Monday 5 February 2018.



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