Meet the latest recruit to the UK flood defence team: the beaver

16th Sep The Guardian (Patrick Barkham). Beavers could be put to work building dams to stop a village from flooding in the Forest of Dean, in what would be the first such scheme on government land. The Forestry Commission has been an enthusiastic advocate for the release of a family of beavers into a large fenced area surrounding Greathough brook above the village of Lydbrook, on land owned by the commission. Read the story on The Guardian website >


Natural Capital Committee advice on 25 year environment plan

The Secretary of State for Defra asked the Natural Capital Committee (NCC) to advise on what the 25 Year Environment Plan should aim to achieve, how it should seek to do so and what the necessary conditions for success are. This note sets out the NCC’s advice and recommendations on what the government should consider when drawing up the Plan, building on the Committee’s previous recommendations over the past 5 years. Note that No.



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