Greener UK Risk Tracker for BREXIT

Most of the UK’s environmental protections stem from EU law and so could be changed as a result of Brexit. Greener UK has created this Risk Tracker to show which policy areas are more secure, and which are most at risk. We hope the UK government will go further than simply safeguarding protections, to take advantage of the great opportunity of restoring nature and our natural resources within a generation, as set out in the Greener UK vision. They have assigned traffic light ratings to each significant policy area, to indicate low, medium or high risk.


NE updated Standing Advice on ancient woodland and veteran trees

Updated 27 Nov 2017 What planning authorities should consider for developments affecting ancient woodland and veteran trees.  Natural England and Forestry Commission guidance (known as ‘standing advice’) helps in making decisions on planning applications affecting ancient woodland and veteran trees. Standing advice is a ‘material’ planning consideration. View updated Standing Advice on Gov.UK website >


UN poised to move ahead with landmark treaty to protect high seas

The Guardian 22 Dec 2017. The world's oceans are set for a long overdue books in the comming days as the United Nations votes for the first time on a planned treaty to protect and regulate the high seas. The waters outside national maritime boundaries – which cover half of the planet’s surface – are currently a free-for-all that has led to devastating overfishing and pollution. But after more than five years of negotiations, UN members are poised to agree to draw up a new rulebook by 2020, which could establish conservation areas, catch quotas and scientific monitoring.



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