Mobile technology helps save rare flowers

A new app aims to help farmers, agronomists and conservationists to identify and record the UK’s most threatened plant species. The Rare Arable Flowers app also provides practical advice on the best way to manage land for these species. Cornfield flowers were once a common sight in our countryside. However, intensive agriculture means they are now amongst the rarest and most threatened plants in Britain.


What beetles say about Capability Brown

Many of the UK’s richest sites for wood-decay beetles are those which were influenced by Capability Brown, who valued having old and stag-headed trees in his landscapes, and used standing dead wood as a feature. Keith Alexander, Ancient Tree Forum trustee and ecological consultant, writes a blog in which he considers why saproxylic beetles often thrive in Brown’s landscapes, and the importance of landscapes which retain dead and decaying wood on which species like the rhinoceros beetle Sinodendron cylindricum depend.


Opening of new invertebrate area at Lackford Lakes

A new area has been designed and built as a haven for invertebrates by Suffolk Wildlife Trust's Young Wardens, a group of young people, aged between 10 and 16, who come together during the school holidays to learn practical conservation skills. They were asked to transform an area until recently a concrete pad into somewhere suitable for invertebrates and incorporating natural-looking features that would attract reptiles.The site opens today, 2nd August 2016. Read more >



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