Countryfile - The Brecks

This week's Countryfile (10th Dec) featured the Brecks: Ellie and Matt are in the Brecklands on the Norfolk-Suffolk border. Ellie finds out all about a major conservation effort to save two Brecks species at threat of extinction. She also hears how the Brecks rabbit is playing a key role in this effort. Later, Ellie meets the mum-and-daughter team helping to make Ipswich the most hedgehog-friendly city in the UK. Matt joins an arable farmer who is able to harvest veg all year round thanks to the Brecks' sandy soils and temperate climate.


CIEEM publications

New and Updated Guidance Publications Guidelines for Preliminary Ecological Appraisal (2nd Edition) These updated guidelines have been produced with the intention of providing best practice guidance for those undertaking preliminary ecological surveys and appraisals. Guidelines for Ecological Report Writing (2nd Edition) Now updated, this guidance describes the attributes of a well-written report.



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