Biodiversity Net Gain - CIEEM good practice principles welcomed

The Chartered Institute for Ecology and Environmental Management Biodiversity Net Gain draft Good Practice Principles for Development has been welcomed by ABP Mer in the marine environment. Biodiversity Net Gain is a new concept which seeks to ensure that development leaves biodiversity in a better state than before. It is an approach where developers work with local government, wildlife groups, land owners and other stakeholders in order to support their priorities for nature conservation.


PTES wood pasture and parkland survey in Suffolk

The People's Trust for Endangered Species has devised a simple survey technique to assess the condition of wood pastures. This year they are trialling wood pasture surveying in Suffolk. They are asking volunteers to visit wood pastures to test the survey and help them refine it until it’s suitable for volunteers to use all over the country. The survey itself is very simple to conduct, but they are also offering training for those that would feel they would benefit from it, or just find it interesting!


Bats fly into plate glass on buildings

Modern buildings with large expanses of glass or mirrored surfaces are "potentially dangerous" for bats, research suggests. Scientists are calling for monitoring of the risks, particularly in areas where bats congregate in large numbers. Bats have a remarkable ability to fly at high speeds in the dark avoiding natural hazards such as trees. Yet, smooth, vertical surfaces such as glass windows create a "blind spot" for the flying mammals, a study shows.



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