EU Withdrawal Bill inadequate to deliver Gove’s “Green Brexit” vision of healthier environment

As MPs begin to debate the landmark European Union (Withdrawal) Bill, leading environmental scientists, engineers, ecologists and water and waste experts have called for meaningful parliamentary scrutiny of environmental policies and laws.


Environment Agency’s work helps canoeists navigate River Stour

The River Stour, which runs along much of the Suffolk/Essex border, was utilised last weekend by up to 300 canoes and kayaks as dedicated paddlers navigated some 22 miles, through up to 18 portages from Sudbury, through Constable Country all the way to the coast at Cattawade. Thanks to the efforts of the Environment Agency, those taking part will be enjoying a much clearer journey on the annual Sudbury to the Sea event, organised by the River Stour Trust.


Norfolk eel population boosted thanks to Environment Agency

Environment Agency efforts to improve access to freshwater habitats for Norfolk eels have seen encouraging results for second year running. Increased numbers of eels have been observed at a Norwich fish pass, as well as sightings further upstream on the River Tud, the first to be found in that location for nearly 40 years. This shows the positive benefit of eel passes at barriers to migration and the monitoring programme at the Environment Agency. The global eel population has dropped dramatically over the past 40 years, with numbers down by as much as 95%.



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