Suffolk residents called to survey precious wood pasture & parkland sites across the county

The People’s Trust for Endangered Species (PTES) has launched a new conservation project to help protect Britain’s precious wood pasture and parkland habitats, which are home to several endangered species such as the lesser-spotted woodpecker. The first phase of this new project will be piloted in Suffolk, home to 1,250 of these ecologically important and iconic landscapes. PTES is calling for local volunteers to help by trialling a simple survey that has been devised to assess the condition of these habitats.


Big Farmland Bird Count results 2017

The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust's Big Farmland Bird Count 2017 results are in with record numbers of people taking part (including 28 from Austria!) Over 970 farmers took part and recorded 112 species across around 900,000 acres. The most commonly seen species were blackbirds and woodpigeons, seen by over 80% of our participants. Robins, blue tits, and carrion crows were seen by over 70% of the farmers.


Protecting curlews: GWCT letter in The Telegraph

The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust are asking the public to help them understand what is driving the decline in curlew numbers. We know that curlew have been doing badly over much of their British range for some time, but very little is known about exactly where our curlew are – particularly in the lowlands. Without this information, it is almost impossible to know how best to kickstart their recovery.



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