British Bat Survey research

Bat monitoring technology has improved rapidly since the inception of the National Bat Monitoring Programme (NBMP) in 1996. The Bat Conservation Trust are working with researchers from University College London, Oxford University and the British Trust for Ornithology to develop a new survey for the NBMP which will utilise the latest developments in acoustic sensor design, automated call recognition and interactive volunteer feedback. For details of some of the work underway so far see British Bat Survey >


Bats in Churches questionnaire

The Bats in Churches Partnership Project team are keen to find out more about the opinions and experiences of people who have knowledge or interest in bats and churches, or natural and historic heritage more generally. The team has developed an online questionnaire, to find out more about your thoughts on natural and historic heritage, which they hope will help them further develop and improve the project. The deadline is 31st oct 2017.  You can find the survey here >



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