Understanding eel and fish behaviour to improve protection and passage at river structures

This project studied the behaviour of fish and eels to find better ways to protect them at flood control structures, weirs, hydropower sites and other intakes. The study showed significant impacts of some river structures on migrating eels, but also that understanding eel behaviour at such structures and intakes in relation to flow could help improve their passage.


Online analytical tool launched to aid invertebrate conservation

Natural England and the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology have launched an analytical tool called Pantheon to aid conservation efforts on almost 12,000 invertebrates using a new online database. This will helps us better understand conservation status and habitat-related traits of invertebrates such as weevils and worms. Pantheon was developed to assist invertebrate nature conservation in England. Users import lists of invertebrates into the database, which then analyses the species, attaching associated habitats, resources and conservation status against them.



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