Funding and Volunteer Fair

Event Date: 

Wednesday, October 25, 2017 - 10:00
To event remaining 4 days

Event Details: 

Henley Community Centre, Church Meadows, Henley IP6 0RP. Ideal for village hall committees, parish councils, play area groups, getting people active, reducing rural isolation and improving health and well being. Guest speaker: Su Johnstone Crowdfunder UK.

The John Spedan Lewis Foundation fund

The John Spedan Lewis Foundation (JSLF) provides finance for charitable purposes reflecting the interests of John Spedan Lewis- notably entomology, ornithology, horticulture and associated environmental and conservation projects. JSLF Trustees meet bi-annually to consider funding appeals from registered UK charities. The JSLF accepts appeals from UK registered charities for which natural history topics are explicitly stated among their charitable purposes, including wildlife conservation, entomology, ornithology and horticulture.


Greggs Foundation Environmental Grant

The environmental grants programme aims to improve peoples lives by improving the environment. Any not for profit organisation can apply, preference will be given to small, locally based and community led organisations with a turnover not in excess of £300,000 per annum. Schools are also encouraged to apply and are given the same level of priority as small locally based organisations. Projects can include purchase of equipment, sessional salary costs, purchase of trees/plants, small capital projects and learning activities.



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