What does biodiversity duty mean for public bodies?

Natural England Protected Species list

Artificial Otter Holt - Sue Hooton

To see which species are protected by UK legislation, please click here.

Public bodies can show successful implementation of the Duty if:

  • Biodiversity is integrated throughout all policies and activities.
  • Staff understand how biodiversity issues relate to their own decisions.
  • The organisation supports local biodiversity initiatives, such as Suffolk Biodiversity Information Service and the County Wildlife Site system.
  • Biodiversity is protected and enhanced in line with statutory nature conservation obligations.
  • The organisation has access to professional ecological expertise and up-to-date biodiversity information.
  • The organisation reports on progress towards achieving national and local biodiversity targets.

To see what this means in practice, go to:

Putting up bat boxes - 
Sue Hooton

More detailed information is available from the Wildlife Trusts’ leaflet ‘Local Authority Services and Biodiversity – Your Statutory Obligations’. The leaflet can be downloaded from the Wildlife Trusts website.


“Staff must understand how biodiversity issues relate to their own decisions.”