For most non-commercial users of S.B.I.S. services are provided free of charge. Charges are made to ecological consultants and other commercial bodies for the time taken to collate, process and analyse data rather than for the information itself.

Commercial Data Enquiries:
The minimum/standard search charge is £100, this covers the first hour's work (which is sufficient for the majority of searches). If the work takes longer than 1 hour additional time is charged at £75 per hour.
As a guideline for bulk data requests (requesting more than one search at the same time with exactly the same parameters) each search is covered by a 1 hour charge. The maximum number of sites that can be dealt with as a batch is five (£400+VAT). The minimum standard fee of £100 will then apply for the first of each subsequent batch of five (or less).
For requests asking for data on a single species group only e.g. bats will be dealt with under a small search charge of £50.
Charges may be waived if no data is available within the search area.

Formal enquiries, and in particular paid enquiries, must be made in writing (including e-mail or by using our contact forms), and, where appropriate, will be given a verbal or written quote prior to the work being done. Quotes will be given for individual requests and if the work needs more time than estimated then clients are informed before further charges are incurred.
For larger pieces of work we have a day and weekly rate that can be discussed upon request (not applicable for bulk standard searches).
Payments will be requested by invoice from SCC. N. B. VAT (@ 20%) is charged on all invoices.
Enquiries are dealt with on a 'first come - first served' basis and are usually answered within 5-10 working days. However we aim to respond to commercial data enquiries within 2 working days after receiving confirmation following a quote.

Our standard search refers to what is set out on our commercial data enquiry pages.