About Recording Groups

What are they?

Recording groups allow groups of people to record together in a joined up fashion. They enable people with a common interest, be it a particular species group or a specific site, to quickly see what other members of that group have recorded. Using a parish wildlife group as an example; a private recording group will enable invited members to quickly see what other members have recorded in that parish. Members will be able to quickly load a summary of the groups progress, see the different species groups recorded, see recent images uploaded and see who submitted the most records etc... Groups will also be able to download summaries of their efforts from the reports generated on their data.

Recording groups can also be used to host recording for bioblitz events. People taking part in bioblitz events would be able to join an event group to enable them to log records and also see what has been recorded so far in the event and who has recorded the most etc...

Groups can also be set up to allow members to see the full resolution of other members records even if they have a publically resticted resolution. This means that records submitted as sensitive by the group (that are shown on the rest of the site at a low resolution) are available to the members of the group at full detail. This helps people recording sensitive species or on sensitive sites (private groups only).

How do I join a group?

Groups can either be fully open, open subject to approval or closed (private). Members of SuffolkBRO can see a list of open and open subject to approval groups at the following page: List of Groups. You can join groups that are listed here by clicking on the star. Groups that are private are not visible to members of SuffolkBRO, only members of that group.

How can I create my own recording group?

We want members with a common interest to have their own groups set up and to do this members of SuffolkBRO can make a request to the Biological Records Officer through the contact form, selecting the relevant subject on the form before submitting. The Biological Records Officer will need to know your site username and email address to set your group up plus will need to know what your intentions are for the recording group i.e. what your group is recording or where (this may require a brief email exchange).