County Recorder: Phil Strachan  

Fish eyeEfforts were made to assess the status of the smaller, 'non-stocked' species such as Minnow, Bullhead, Sticklebacks Lampreys and Stone Loach. Although there was a good response from some individuals, contacts with Angling Clubs were disappointing with very few bothering to send in records. There are currently about 18000 records on the SBIS Database. In an effort to improve our knowledge of these fish SWT ran the Suffolk Tiddler Survey in 2002. A checklist of the main freshwater fish species in England and Wales can be found here The Environment Agency and some water companies collect data on fish stocks in the major river systems.

Major Publications:
The Fishes of Suffolk. Collings, D. W. 1932 TSNS 2: 104.

Other papers from Suffolk Natural History
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Notes on unusual fish off the Suffolk coast: Atlantic Bonito Sarda sarda and Greater Weever Trachinus draco. J. R. Ellis (2012)
Blackfish Centrolophus niger (Centrolophidae) off the Suffolk coast. J. R. Ellis (2010)
Bogue (Boops boops) in the southern North Sea. J. R. Ellis & M. Eade (2007)
Occurrence of exotic fishes in East Anglian waters: Porcupinefish Diodon histrix and Piranha Pygocentrus sp. J. R. Ellis (2006)
An abnormal Thornback Ray Raja clavata with additional pectoral fins. J. R. Ellis (2005)
The occurrence of Thresher Shark off the Suffolk coast. J. R. Ellis (2004)
Brook lamprey found in Suffolk. Parsons, E.
Anglers are naturalists. R. B. Rickards (1991)
Wildlife conservation and angling - conflict or integration. P. S. Maitland (1991)
The fish of the River Stour, Suffolk. Kennedy, C. R., Burrough, R., Aves, C. & Landsberg, J. (1975)
Mapping the Distribution of Freshwater Fish in the British Isles. Maitland, P. S.
Rare or Unusual Fish, 1968. Blacker, R. W.
Royal Fish. Cranbrook, Lord
The Fishes of Suffolk. Collings, D. W.
On the Distribution of Trout in Suffolk, with Observations respecting its Economy. Andrews, H.

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