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White Admiral Newsletter

The full list of articles published in the White Admiral newsletter from 2010.


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EditorialHawk Honey1
Otters in the River Blyth CatchmentNicky Rowbottom, Ken Derham, Blyth Otter group2
Insect MigrationRaymond Watson10
Red Pond Water at Alder Carr FarmJoan Hardingham16
Volunteering and CoppicingPaul Heather18
Facebook Gallery 22
Suffolk's Wildlife Friendly villagesStewart Belfield & Sophie Flux17
Motus at Landguard Bird ObservatoryNigel Odin36
Wild Cats? No thanks!David Tomlinson40
Bird feedersTrevor Goodfellow45
SNS Autumn Members EveningGenevieve Broad48
EditorialHawk Honey2
Getting to know hoversPamela Pope3
Big Zoo or Restoring the WildDavid Tomlinson7
Autumn Members' evening 14
A Garden EncounterPeter Etheridge12
My Year 2022Trevor Goodfellow14
Bottlenose Dolphin at LandguardNick Odin16
Hedgerow heroes projectEmma Black17
Facebook Gallery 21
Rapid Range Expansion & Population Explosion of the Chinese Water DeerSteve Piotrowski25
What’s in a Name?Anne Kell31
Ichneumonid (Ichneumonidae) Wasps and near Allies in my Felixstowe Garden. Part One.Paul Oldfield34
EditorialHawk Honey2
Nomad bees in my Felixstowe gardenPaul Oldfied3
Botany, Birds and BabingtonsPatrick Armstong10
Walk like an Egyptian GooseTrevor Goodfellow14
New hoverfly to the UKAlan Thornhill16
Return of the BuzzardRichard Stewart18
The Peanut-loving WoodpeckerRasik Bhadresa20
Right under my feetHawk Honey22
EditorialBen Heather1
National Bat Monitoring Programme – Waterways SurveyAnne and Dennis Kell3
Bury St Edmunds Abbey 1000 BioblitzAnna Saltmarsh7
Insect Week (20 – 26 June, 2022)Colin Hawes9
A very unexpected New Year mothEdward Jackson9
Geosites for PeopleCaroline Markham11
Lilley’s Wood (aka-The Wildwood)Joan Hardingham14
OrchidsKeith Hudson15
New Odonata at Landguard 2021Nigel Odin16
The Lowestoft Field Club Celebrated its 75th Anniversary in 2021Mark Smith18
Otter Highway in BentleyColin Hawes19
The Perils of Living on the EdgeRasik Bhadresa21
Book Review - Orchard - A Year In England’s EdenRichard Stewart23
Give me a signTrevor Goodfellow24
Notes on 2021Trevor Goodfellow26
Roger Dixon 1949 -2021Bob Markham28
‘A good friend and fellow Crag enthusiast for over 50 years’Bob Markham29
Discover Suffolk AppBen Heather32
EditorialBen Heather1
PondlifeTrevor Goodfellow2
The Rare Benefits of Public RecreationNick Sibbett6
A Student and the Suffolk Naturalists’ SocietyBob Markham8
Observation of Odynerus spinipesHawk Honey9
Another Lockdown WalkRichard Stewart12
Excitement Over NothingNeil Mahler13
Garden Turtle DovesColin Hawes14
More on Bishop Whittingham and the Role of the Suffolk Parson-naturalistPatrick Armstrong15
SNS AGM and Spring Members’ Evening ReportGen Broad17
National Bat Monitoring Programme - Field SurveyDennis & Anne Kell19
Blanket Weed on the Heath!Nick Sibbett23
The Male Mandarins of GibbonsgateRasik Bhadresa25
Lodgers – Never Where They Should Be!Joan Hardingham28
Beachcombing EventsBeach Bonkers30
Discovering Suffolk - Volunteers RequiredBen Heather31
EditorialBen Heather1
AGM and Spring Members’ Evening 2
Autumn Members’ Evening Report - Deadwood InvertebratesGen Broad3
A Mass Aquatic Bug Migration?Adrian Chalkley5
National Bat Monitoring Programme – Roost CountAnne and Dennis Kell7
Monitoring Suffolk’s Geological SSSIsCaroline Markham11
National Insect Week 21 -27 June 2021Colin Hawes13
Otterman EmpireTrevor Goodfellow13
Lies, Damn Lies & Moth Species Totals at Landguard Bird ObservatoryNigel Odin16
My First Suffolk Naturalists’ Society MeetingBob Markham17
Another milestone, literallyRasik Bhadresa19
Bishop Walter Whittingham - a forgotten East Anglian lepidopteristPatrick Armstrong21
The Wildlife garden at AldeburghRichard Stewart24
Wildlife Live WebinarsClaire Rowan25
Conservation Activity in the Dedham Vale AONBEmma Black26
Coast and Heaths AONB Beachwatch Results 2020Emma Black28
Fifteen-two, fifteen-four and one for his nobTrevor Goodfellow29
Veranda Natural HistoryPatrick Armstrong33
EditorialBen Heather1
Hornet MothsTrevor Goodfellow2
On the Hunt for Glow WormsFletcher Telling3
Beware Bear’s BreechesHawk Honey4
Lockdown in IpswichRichard Attenborrow6
One Week in LockdownRichard Stewart9
The Suffolk DragonCaroline Markham10
The Autumn Members’ Evening 20th November 2019Report by Gen Broad12
Orchards as habitats for stag beetles and other saproxylic organismsColin Hawes15
Review: A new website for Suffolk MothsEdward Jackson17
Dead Pine Marten on Felixstowe Beach: May 2020Simone Bullion21
Dragonflies and Damselflies on the Round Pond in Christchurch Park, IpswichRichard Stewart23
National Bat Monitoring ProgrammeDennis and Anne Kell23
The Reverend Henry Harpur Crewe (1828 - 1883): A Victorian entomologist with Suffolk connectionsPatrick Armstrong27
The Dancing Demoiselles of FlatfordRasik Bhadresa29
Gasteroid (Stomach) FungiNeil Mahler32
Lockdown Images 34
Notices 36
EditorialBen Heather1
Sphinctus serotinus at Rampart’s FieldAlan Thornhill3
A Geo-panel for WestletonCaroline Markham4
Fissures at Newbourne Great PitCaroline Markham5
Great crested newts: early season breedingJohn Baker and Mark Jones7
You Took Your Time Getting Here – Two Moth Species Long Overdue!Nigel Odin9
Motus In SuffolkNigel Odin10
Nature’s LawRasik Bhadresa12
Book Review - Rebirding by Benedict MacdonaldRichard Stewart14
Toad migration and other observationsTrevor Goodfellow15
A Victorian Suffolk amateur naturalist and polymathPatrick Armstrong18
Listening WalksMeg Amsden20
The Fifth anniversary of Felixstowe’s Community Nature ReserveDr Adrian Cooper22
On the ‘Verge’Paul Heather25
Portrait of Frances RivisJoan Hardingham27
EditorialBen Heather1
What’s on? 2
A Walk in the ParkRichard Stewart3
RE: Kingfisher HuntingJeff Martin5
A Red Crag FindBob Markham6
The Little Ouse Headwaters ProjectRowena Langston7
Hurrah for Bull’s WoodRasik Bhadresa11
Exciting and Extinct Stonewort - Alive and Well in SuffolkJuliet Hawkins13
The Hitcham NodePatrick Armstrong17
Book PreviewArnold Cooke20
Small Bark Beetles from SuffolkJerry Lee22
Spring Members’ Evening 2019Gen Broad25
More What’ s on? 31
EditorialBen Heather1
What’s on? 2
Cacoxenus indagator, the Houdini flyPeter Vincent4
Kingfisher HuntingJoan Hardingham5
Autumn Members’ EveningGen Broad6
Something SmellsRasik Bhadresa9
Fly like an EgyptianTrevor Goodfellow11
Let’s All Eat 4 And 20 BlackbirdsNeil Mahler14
Updating the SNS ConstitutionMartin Sanford17
Wildlife after GravelTom Langton18
Colchester & Ipswich Museum VolunteersAdrian Chalkley22
A Suffolk Garden: RewildingJenni Fincham25
Books Review - ‘Wilding’ and ‘Our Place’Richard Stewart27
From a Tiny AcornTrevor Goodfellow29
Digital Editions of the White AdmiralBen Heather31
More What’ s on? 32
EditorialBen Heather1
What’s on? 2
Casual observations of butterfly habits during the 2018 droughtTrevor Goodfellow3
Woodland FungiColin Hawes4
Barn Owl Success in Bentley 2018Colin Hawes5
Hare DeathsBen Heather5
Unintended ConsequencesMartin Hancock6
Pond LifeTrevor Goodfellow9
Megalodons at BawdseyBob Markham12
Autumn IchneumonsHawk Honey13
Book Review: The Lost WordsRichard Stewart15
The Hazards of Crossing the RoadRasik Bhadresa16
A Winter ProjectHawk Honey18
Beachwatch – Great British Beach Clean 2018Stephanie Poole23
New Membership ArrangementsEdward Jackson25
Some comments on the Crags at SizewellHoward Mottram26
EditorialBen Heather1
What’s on? 2
AGM and Spring Members’ Evening 2018Gen Broad3
River enhancement projects helping to conserve native black poplarNaomi Boyle6
Latest news on Suffolk’s Marine Conservation ZonesJennifer Fincham8
In Search of True Lover’s KnotRasik Bhadresa10
Solitary wasp course FSC OrieltonHawk Honey12
Species Record at Pipers Vale LNRSam Chamberlin16
The Great British Beach CleanLynn Allen17
Saving our Suffolk SwiftsEdward Jackson18
The lichens of Brandon Country Park, Suffolk (Part 2)Dr. C. J. B. Hitch19
Melanin in the Fungal KingdomNeil Mahler23
Beach BonkersKate Osborne25
Geology Gallery ReimaginedCaroline Markham27
Breckland spiders of Lackford LakesAlan Thornhill28
Yellow-spotted EmeraldAndrew Easton32
A View From The BridgeRichard Stewart35
EditorialBen Heather1
What’s on? 2
Autumn Members’ Evening 2017Gen Broad4
The Current Popularity of Nature WritingRichard Stewart10
Hoverflies, SBIS/SNS bursaryJuliet Hawkins12
Turtle Dove Surveyors Needed Across SuffolkKaty Froud13
Goneplax rhomboides (L., 1758) the Angular Crab in Suffolk: An UpdateJerry Bowdrey14
Training Courses for Wildlife EducatorsJoan Hardingham16
Pliocene Forest Open DayGeo Suffolk17
Suffolk Swift SurveyEdward Jackson18
A Correction: SNH Vol.53 – Trichoptera of SuffolkAdrian Chalkley18
Calling for Butterfly RecordersRob Parker & Juliet Hawkins19
Book Review: Britain’s MammalsGen Broad21
Shaken but not StirredRasik Bhadresa23
The lichens of Brandon Country Park, Suffolk (Part 1)Dr. C. J. B. Hitch25
A new record of the rare caddis fly Limnephilus tauricusAdrian Chalkley27
An Unusual Christmas DecorationJoan Hardingham29
Whatever next … Dancing Wax Caps!Neil Mahler29
Some Suffolk Clerical AureliansPatrick Armstrong30
Harwich Harbour Stone BedsBob Markham34
Shifting Sands Heritage Lottery Project in the BrecksSharon Hearle35
Butterfly and Moth Meetings 2018Butterfly Conservation36
EditorialBen Heather1
New Records of the Small Headed Water FleasAdrian Chalkley2
White Admiral and Silver-washed Fritillary butterflies in BentleyColin and Ann Hawes4
Crataerina pallida, a rarely recorded common flyPeter Vincent6
The University of SuffolkDrs Nic Bury and Chris Turner9
Butterfly ChallengeTrevor Goodfellow13
AONBs ‘Pollinator Patches’ ProjectNeil Lister and Emma Black18
Pond Life in 2017Richard Stewart21
Harpers Hill Grassland County Wildlife SiteEmma Black23
The Playful MustelidsRasik Bhadresa25
Elm – the only host plant for the White-letter HairstreakRob Parker26
The Brecks Earth Heritage TrailHoward Mottram29
Geronimo the GrasshopperTim Gardiner31
SNS Meeting Dates 2018 32
EditorialBen Heather1
Great British Beach Clean 2
It’s Choke(d) Jim, but not as we know itNeil Mahler2
Looking for the hedgehogs of IpswichAli North4
Recording Wildlife at Brandon Country ParkDavid Falk6
Two surprise stag beetle records 2017Colin Hawes8
Fissures in the Coralline Crag at Rockhall Wood SSSI, SuttonCaroline Markham10
Wild VillagesGary Lowe12
Mouse traps – some observations from the Tudor barn in MildenJuliet Hawkins14
Monitoring Tubular Water-dropwort and Greater Water-parsnip in East AngliaPete Case16
Butterflies In Christchurch Park, IpswichRichard Stewart18
Book Review: “Britain’s Spiders”Alan Thornhill18
Yellowbelly Terrapin/SliderJohn Baker19
Triumph for Tassel stonewortJuliet Hawkins21
The Enchanting Bee OrchidRasik Bhadresa23
Red-veined Darter invasion, May 2017Nick Mason25
A welcome immigrantRichard Fisk27
EditorialBen Heather1
Spring Members’ Evening & AGM & What’s on? 2
Black Poplar Clone Bank & NurseryDanny Thorrington4
Then came Mustela nivalisMartin Hancock5
A New Website for GeoSuffolkCaroline Markham9
Buzzard Alert?Tom Langton9
The Many Faces of the HarlequinRasik Bhadresa10
Suffolk’s wood pasture and parklandMegan Gimber12
Mustelid Predation of Breeding ToadsJohn Baker16
News from our TreasurerJoan Hardingham18
Water Flea Recording in SuffolkAdrian Chalkley20
A lucky escapeJerry Bowdrey23
Bank Vole - Caught in the ActPete Etheridge24
The Voyage of the Queen BeeTim Gardiner25
SNS Autumn Members’ Evening 2016Gen Broad25
Almost a First for the UKNeil Mahler28
Review: The Butterflies in Christchurch ParkBen Heather31
More What’s on? 32
EditorialBen Heather1
Autumn Members Evening 2
The River Stour 500 Trees ProjectAlex Moore da Luz3
Suffolk’s Fab 40 AdventuresEmma Dixon6
Book Review: ‘...Breckland Pleistocene geology in the 1930s…’Caroline Markham8
Introducing ‘People, Ponds and Water’Pete Case10
SNS/SBIS Recording Bursary ReviewHawk Honey14
A few minutes with a wild StoatMartin Hancock18
The Pleasures and Perils of a Garden PondRichard Stewart21
The hidden world of symbiotic yeasts in the lives of stag beetles: part 1Colin Hawes23
The Suffolk Moth Group’s Record Breaking NightNeil Sherman26
Death in the AfternoonRasik Bhadresa28
Another new fungus to look out forNeil Mahler29
The Lowestoft Field ClubRichard Fisk31
EditorialBen Heather1
Suffolk Butterfly Recording – 2011–15 Distribution MapsBill Stone2
First records for Barrel Jellyfish in SuffolkGen Broad3
Beach BonkersKate Osborne5
Bee-ginners luckColin Lucas6
A New Excavation at Knettishall HeathCaroline Markham7
Growing Up WildKerry Stranix10
Bee House ObservationsPeter Etheridge12
Suffolk’s Veteran TreesRichard Stewart13
The Return of the Polecat Mustela putorius to SuffolkMartin Hancock15
The Pogge, Hooknose or Armed BullheadJerry Bowdrey20
Rust Fungi and other Small StuffNeil Mahler21
Wildlife Diary (January to July)Trevor Goodfellow23
SNS AGM and Spring Members EveningGen Broad26
The Starlet Sea AnemoneJenni Fincham29
The Dawn ChorusRasik Bhadresa32
EditorialBen Heather1
Spring Members Evening & AGM 2
What’s on? 3
An Invasive Alien – The Asian HornetJoan Hardingham4
Another Stag Beetle PredatorColin Hawes7
WildernessTim Gardiner7
Unexpected visitors – Braconid wasp and Agonopterix moth in the living room!Martin Cooper8
Wild Flower Society Winter Months Hunt – a follow upAnne Kell11
Clunch In West SuffolkRoger Dixon12
New mammal for SuffolkDr Simone Bullion16
Hollesley MarshesLyndsey Record17
Valerian as a Nectar SourceRichard Stewart20
Almost another BAP SpeciesNeil Mahler21
Bee hotels, more than just a gimmickHawk Honey22
Two records in one from KelsaleJerry Bowdrey24
New Fungus for SuffolkNeil Mahler25
More What’s on? 26
A year of Suffolk Biological Recording OnlineBen Heather28
EditorialBen Heather1
What’s on? 2
Using iRecord: A Verifier’s Point of ViewAdrian Chalkley3
The Dunwich Heath Bioblitz 27 and 28th May 2015Stuart Warrington, Alison Joseph, Richard Gilbert & Lloyd James6
Realising the Potential of the River Stour at Great and Little BradleyAlex Moore da Luz8
Evolution of a Breckland Landscape by Richard WestCaroline Markham12
Wildlife at home and workGi Grieco13
Fungi twitching in NovemberJuliet Hawkins15
The Tawny Owls in Christchurch ParkRichard Stewart19
Arthur Rivett – winner of Pete Guest Award 2015Sue Hooton21
The Wild Flower Society Winter Months HuntAnne and Dennis Kell22
My Year 2015Trevor Goodfellow24
Gonocerus acuteangulatus, aka the Box BugC. J. B. Hitch & K. Carr-Tansley28
A letter to the editorAlan Cornish28
SNS Members Holiday OfferGreenwings29
Ganoderma australe or Ganoderma adspersum?Neil Mahler30
Editorial 1
What’s on? & Bioblitz Events 2
Save our Suffolk SwiftsKerry Strannix & Ben Heather3
Suffolk Hedgehog Survey continues!Simone Bullion6
Ramsgate EarthquakeCaroline Markham7
Nightingales Near IpswichRichard Stewart8
Bee FriendlyAnne-Marie & Richard Stewart9
Wildlife at the Farm ParkNick Mayo10
The Natural History of Waveney ForestTim Gardiner10
John Walshe to Joan Hardingham Correspondence - 07/06/2015John Walshe11
FrogsTrevor Goodfellow13
Adders, Photography and DisturbanceJohn Baker16
Starting with SawfliesColin Lucas & Tricia Taylor19
An appeal for Emails 21
Silk-covered lamppostsAlan Thornhill22
Harbour Porpoise Phocoena phocoena at Landguard & OrfordnessNigel Odin & Mike Marsh24
Suffolk Biological Recording OnlineBen Heather26
Nature Day at Braintree District Museum in Honour of John Ray 28
EditorialBen Heather1
Logo ChallengeBen Heather2
Spring Members Evening 2015 & AGM 3
What’s on? 4
Chalcid waspsMartin Cooper6
Some observations on AgromyzidaeMartin Cooper7
A Research Hole in the Red CragBob Markham9
Return to WalberswickPatrick Armstrong11
High Brown Fritillary at LandguardNigel Odin14
Saving a bird on the brinkSamantha Lee16
Updating the Flora of SuffolkMartin Sanford19
Observation of a Water ShrewAdrian Knowles22
Shield bug obsession?Trevor Goodfellow23
Stoat in my Neighbour’s GardenColin Hawes26
New Bursary available 26
Late Red AdmiralsRichard Stewart27
Split Gill fungus, in SuffolkC. J. B. Hitch & L. Washington28
Three seasons of looking for leafhoppersColin Lucas & Tricia Taylor30
Scarce (Yellow-legged) TortoiseshellBill Stone32
The Breckland Bat ProjectDr Stuart Newson & James Parry34
Editorial 1
Autumn Members Evening 2014 2
Logo ChallengeBen Heather3
Black rat record for IpswichSimone Bullion4
A Fault: Nacton Shore CliffBob Markham4
Antlions – an East-Suffolk specialityJoan Hardingham6
The purse web spiderAlan Thornhill9
Species Records – Making a differenceGen Broad10
Leaf-Cutter BeesRichard Stewart14
My year (2014)Trevor Goodfellow16
Voucher SpecimensNeil Mahler19
A New Suffolk Record for the large Pond SkaterAdrian Chalkley21
Confessions of a novice Moth-erPeter Lack23
Stag Beetles 1868 – 2014Colin Hawes26
Chemicals in our fields, water and wildlifeTom Langton28
Drosophila suzukii in SuffolkMartin Cooper30
Roman SnailsRichard Fisk31
Mammals of Essex – A New AtlasDarren Tansley31
Shieldbugs at PlayRob Parker32
EditorialBen Heather1
Another new fungus for SuffolkNeil Mahler2
The battle continues…the fight against invasive alien plants in the Stour Valley!Matt Holden4
Nesting MaterialsRichard Stewart8
How you can help monitor Suffolk’s bats?Sue Hooton8
Records please! Rosemary Leaf BeetleBen Heather10
Stratiomys longicornis – a fly a long way from home!Peter Vincent11
Periglacial Landforms in BrecklandCaroline Markham13
Are some roadside plants on the verge of extinction?Dr. Anne Kell and Dennis Kell15
Where has all the road kill gone?Tom Langton21
Back on the Hopper Trail in 2013Colin Lucas & Tricia Taylor22
Volucella zonaria – an impressive beastPeter Vincent24
Suffolk Show WildlifeHawk Honey27
Suffolk’s Nature StrategyNick Collinson29
Species ‘Re-introductions’Nick Miller32
EditorialBen Heather1
What’s on? 2
Bawdsey East Beach CliffBob Markham4
Observing Carrion CrowsRichard Stewart5
Tracking Down Suffolk’s HedgehogsSimone Bullion7
Suffolk Hedgehog SurveyKerry Stranix9
The Coral Tooth in SuffolkArthur Rivett11
Book Review: The adult Trichoptera of Britan and IrelandAdrian Chalkley12
What can I see now?Ben Heather15
Photographing FliesMartin Cooper18
The First UK Fungus DayNeil Mahler22
Being the new Butterfly RecorderBill Stone24
The Silver-studded Blue at Blaxhall HeathRob Parker27
Suffolk Wildlife & Landscapes ProjectNick Miller29
More what’s on?.... 31
Spring Members’ Evening & AGM 32
Editorial & SnippetsBen Heather1
Members’ Evening & SNS Conference 2014 3
Dolichopus laticola; the first recent record of this species outsidePeter Vincent4
Update on the Purple HairstreaksRichard Stewart6
Grass Snakes at SeaJohn Baker and Eve Simnett7
Juvenile Cuttlefish at Shingle StreetGen Broad8
Response of Stag Beetle larvae to water-logged soils and floodingColin Hawes11
Vegetation Stripes at Knettishall Heath CGS 29th June 2013Caroline Markham13
The day an Emperor came knockingHawk Honey16
Shanks’s Pony or the Bicycling BotanistAdam Stuart20
More on Newton and WrigleyTom Langton24
Percy the MacawJoan Hardingham26
Long-tailed Blue Lampides boeticus at Landguard Bird ObservatoryTim Bagworth27
Editorial & SnippetsBen Heather1
Social Media & its uses for NaturalistsHawk Honey3
Observing a Garden PondRichard Stewart7
More Pond LifeCharles Cuthbert8
Online Recording with Suffolk BRCBen Heather10
Rare barkflies, jumping spiders and green lichenAlan Thornhill14
Outcomes of the 2012 Suffolk Leafhopper surveyColin Lucas16
A request for records & specimens of social waspsAdrian Knowles18
The third British record for Dolichopus excisusPeter Vincent19
A Sea MouseGen Broad20
Discovery of a mycangium & associated yeasts in the stag beetleColin Hawes22
SNS Supports SOGPhil Brown23
GeoSuffolk looks at the London ClayCaroline Markham24
Book Review - Otter CountryDavid Walker25
Giddyup, Spring is Here at LastRasik Bhadresa26
Obituary - B LapsDavid Nash27
SNS/SWT/SOG Taster Species Recording Event 28
EditorialBen Heather1
Chalara – Ash DiebackSteve Scott2
Suffolk Bat Group Update and looking forwardSue Hooton4
Newton & WrigleySteve Piotrowski7
Beetling about on Orford BeachChris Hitch8
Recording Purple Hairstreaks along Westerfield RoadRichard Stewart10
A Short Update on Suffolk DormiceLiz Cutting12
Stag Beetle PredatorsBob Stebbings15
Two interesting records from the Grove Farm monitoring projectAdrian Chalkley16
The impact of street lighting on plantsAdrian Knowles20
Alder Gall/FungusColin Jacobs21
Where is Thorpe Ness?Caroline Markham22
AGM & Spring Members Evening 24
Rosehill sale notice 25
Geo Suffolk Field Meeting 26
Halesworth Festival of Ecology 27
Events by Suffolk Butterfly Conservation 28
Editorial 1
Snippets 2
Chairman’s ReportJoan Hardingham3
Some predators of the Stag Beetle – Part 1Colin Hawes5
Dips and dells at Aspal CloseCaroline Markham7
Notes from Orford Ness BioblitzDave Fincham9
Records Please: Wasp SpiderMartin Sanford10
Records Please: Rhododendron LeafhopperBen Heather12
Silver-Washed Fritillary makes a welcome return to SuffolkRob Parker12
SNS Grant for monitoring project at SWT’s Grove Farm Nature Reserve, NortonJuliet Hawkins14
The U3A team at Suffolk Wildlife Trust’s Grove Farm Nature ReserveRob Parker16
Finding flies at Aspal Close LNRMatt Vernon18
Wall Brown survey 2011/2012Rob Parker22
Price reduction - A Flora of SuffolkMartin Sanford24
Wild Anglia - A Local Nature PartnershipGen Broad25
Letters to the Editor 26
Aberrant PlantainsChris Romer26
Half-Beaked SuccessColin Hawes27
Indian Stick InsectsGary Last28
Editorial 1
SnippetsDavid Walker2
The successful return of a summer holidaymakerBen Heather3
New dragonfly record for Suffolk – Leucorrhinia pectoralisSBRC4
Chantry park Bio-Blitz 2012Adrian Knowles5
Bats in women’s hairMartin Sanford6
Poem: The bat and the blondeG.M. Gathorne-Hardy7
SawfliesMartin Sanford11
Wind turbines, bats and birdsTom Langton13
Digital photography with a microscope: choice of digital cameraPhilip M. Greaves17
Report on the 2012 AGMDavid Walker20
Olive crescent – potential colony in SuffolkTony Prichard21
A white mink at LackfordJeff Martin22
A celebration of Suffolk geologyRoger Dixon24
Abstract of paper by presented by Colin Hawes at European workshop on conservation of saproxylic beetlesColin Hawes27
Letters, Notes and Queries 28
Invasive species – Green AlkanetNick Miller28
Halesworth Millennium Green invitationNicky Rowbottom28
Editorial 1
Small red-eyed damselfly at GedgraveSteve Goddard2
The Two Mile Bottom bat hibernaculumNick Gibbons & John Goldsmith5
Geology in MayCaroline Markham6
Snippets 7
Newts, bricks and winter dormancyTom & Catherine Langton8
Hedgehog hibernation surveyPTES10
Digital photography with a microscopePhilip M. Greaves11
Field events 2012 14
Bryophytes recorded in Suffolk in 2010Richard Fisk21
poem: Snow sprinterRasik Bhadresa23
Australe or Applanatum?Neil Mahler24
Letters, Notes and Queries 26
Editorial 1
Report on the 2011 conferenceDavid Walker2
Poem: English walksAlasdair Aston3
Nesting birds in strawberriesLiz Cutting 4
The Japanese pine sawyerJim Foster6
Members evening October 2011David Walker7
Nall's Glossary of the East Anglian dialectGeoff Heathcote8
Bob Markham – the Halstead Medal AwardRoger Dixon12
Quick Quiz 14
Field excursion, West Australian sub-branchPatrick Armstrong16
Geo-Suffolk's Pliocene forest interpretive panelC.J.K. Markham18
Silver-washed fritillary makes a welcome return to SuffolkRob Parker19
Natural history equipment: Why chose a microscope?Adrian Chalkley20
Is a pet for life even if it is only a churchyard beetle?David Nash24
Snippets 26
A herbalist's view of thorn-appleCaroline Wheeler27
Letters, Notes and Queries 28
Editorial 1
Snippets 2
New marine records for SuffolkGen Broad3
The Priestly Wood dormouse project: The first decadeLiz Cutting7
Acute Oak Decline – A new disease of oak trees in SuffolkGary Battell10
Do you know your dragonflies?Mark Nowers11
The sleepless hibernationNick Sibbett12
The lichens of Higham LodgeChristopher Hitch15
Grass snakes: A determined grass snakeJ. & C. Bowdrey21
Grass snakes: Grass snake movement and dry weather in 2010Tom Langton21
Another new species of spider for SuffolkRay Ruffell22
NuthatchesLiz Cutting23
Ipswich museum celebrates Henslow's 150th anniversaryAnn Ainsworth24
A butterfly springRob Parker24
The wall brown – a single species surveyMark Nowers26
Odds & Ends 29
A herbalist's view of greater celandineCaroline Wheeler30
Poem: The resident carpRasik Bhadresa31
The nail fungus in SuffolkNeil Mahler31
A further influx of rannoch looper in 2011Tony Pritchard34
Website updates Adrian Chalkley35
Editorial 1
Snippets 2
Fewer turbine turns means fewer bat deathsKeiran Mulvaney3
Biodiversity? Don't forget the flea!Adrian Chalkley4
Obituary: Michael KirbyDavid Walker6
Rosemary beetles: Can you add further records for Suffolk?Colin Hawes9
Co-opted council member – Liz Cutting 10
It's not all doom & gloomNigel Odin11
If you go down to the woods today...Rasik Bhadresa14
In with the newRichard Fisk19
A herbalist's view of sweet violetCaroline Wheeler20
How to identify the killer shrimp 21
SNS field meeting programme 2011 22
Book review 26
First marine plan area in the North SeaBBC report28
Letters, Notes and Queries 30
Editorial 1
Pepperpot found again in SuffolkNeil Mahler3
A weed gets revengeGeoff Heathcote4
A Herbalist's view of burdockCaroline Wheeler5
Aquarius Paludum: a new county recordAdrian Chalkley6
Results of SNS drawing competitionJoan Hardingham9
The bounty of Behall WaddRasik Bhadresa11
Hitching a lift: Stag beetles as carriers of mitesColin Hawes16
Notes from WestletonMichael Kirby18
Poem: Alone I standRashik Bhadresa19
Snippets 20
More from the Garner/Naturalist' GazetteDavid R. Nash23
Quiz for young naturalists 26
Letters: Antlion in St OsythMichael Kirby27
Project funding available from the SNSGen Broad28
Editorial 1
Snippets 2
Poem: Advent night - Star LaneAlasdair Aston3
Mapping and understanding native black poplars in SuffolkBen Heather4
Priestly Wood field meetingJoan Hardingham6
Can we save the eel populations in East Anglia?Ros Wright8
Garner/Naturalists' GazetteDavid Nash10
Ascomycete posing as BasidiomyceteNeil Mahler19
Stoke Tunnel SSSIBob Markham20
Summer surveys in south Suffolk: Lavenham Natural History GroupBarry Ruggles22
A herbalist's view of lime or lindenCaroline Wheeler23
Miscellaneous records 24 25
Book reviews 26
Letters, Notes and Queries 32
Editorial 1
Thank you, HowardGeoff Heathcote2
Poem: MouseAlasdair Aston3
Suffolk Crayfish Ark projectAdrian Chalkley4
An Antlion SlideMichael Kirby6
The Sphagnum: more information comes to lightAdrian Chalkley8
Free foreign holidays from your local supermarket?Paul Lee8
In the footsteps of Eric EnnionRasik Bhadresa10
Suffolk reminiscencesPatrick Armstrong12
Spanish Bluebells: a threat to Britain's native bluebellColin Hawes15
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Profile: Joan and Nick HardinghamEric Parsons21
Responses to the editorial in WA 74 28
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Enormous hatches from galls other than the KnopperAdrian Chalkley34
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An early autumn day on the Deben Adrian Chalkley3
Rare and not-so-common Fungi found in Suffolk Neil Mahler6
Knopper Galls Michael Kirby7
Devon Carpet - a moth new to Suffolk Neil Sherman8
Western Conifer Seed Bug arrives in Suffolk Ray Ruffell10
Poem Little Owl Alasdair Aston11

Holywells Park Rigs

Caroline & Bob Markham12
Unveiling of geological interpretive panel at Sutton Knoll Judith Hall13
SBRC reaches a major milestone Martin Sanford14
London freshwater group field trip to Blo’ Norton Fen Adrian Chalkley15
Lichens on a park bench Chris Hitch & Michael Kirby19
James Paget, a man well-born and a life well-spent - part 2 David Nash23
A herbalist’s view of Deadly Nightshade Caroline Wheeler28
Calamity at junction 51 Rasik Bhadresa29
Foxes, Badgers and photo-obsessed Tawny Owls Russell Edwards32
The BTO 2009 House Martin Survey Colin Hawes33
Letters, Notes & Queries: Cheeky Blackbird Colin Hawes34
Letters, Notes & Queries: Sadistic Robin Russell Edwards34
Letters, Notes & Queries: So Near, So Far Adrian Knowles35
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Poem: The Lumbering Beast Juliet Hawkins2
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The 2009 Painted Lady immigration Rob Parker5
Dunwich Forest butterfly monitoring  6
Photos from the Beaufoy Archive Anne Beaufoy7
The devouring vermillion-spotted creatures at Orford Rasik Bhadresa8
‘iSpot’ - Wildlife website looking for naturalists Rob Coleman10
News from the AGM Adrian Knowles11
Trentepohlia on Westleton Common Michael Kirby12
Cramp Balls or King Alfred’s Cakes Neil Mahler13
Coffee with a Leaf-Cutter Bee Michael Kirby14
The Stag Beetle - some aspects of larval ecology Colin Hawes22
Seaweed in an unusual habitat Geoff Heathcote24
Book review: British Moths & Butterflies - A Photographic Guide Tony Prichard25
Book review: The Mammals of Suffolk Bob Stebbings26
Poem: Horseman to Lad Alasdair Aston29
Jottings from Milden Hall Juliet Hawkins30
A herbalist’s view of Hypericum Caroline Wheeler31
Henslow’s Legacy: the Hitcham historic biodiversity project Edward Martin32
Archaeology monograph  33
Letters, Notes and Queries: Nest boxes for swifts Judith Wakelam34
Letters, Notes and Queries: Birdbaths in churchyards Norma Chapman34
Letters, Notes and Queries: Sparrows Joan Hardingham35
Records please: In praise of scientific names - a postscript David Nash36
Records please: Results of appeal for beetles in MV trapsDavid Nash36