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County Recorder: Chris Hitch

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Dr Hitch has been recording the Lichen Flora of Suffolk for many years and has already collected over 47,000 records from about 50% of the tetrads in the County. Many of the records are from churchyards, but woodlands and old parks have also been covered. All records have been logged on RECORDER.

Further information on recording and identification can be found on the British Lichen Society website.

Major Publications

The Hepatics, Mosses and Lichens of Suffolk. Mayfield (1930 IDNHS 1: 89)

Records of Suffolk Cladoniae (Lichens). S.A. Manning (1968 TSNS 14: 11)

Lichenology in Suffolk. C.J.B. Hitch (1989 TSNS 25: 72)

Other papers from Suffolk Natural History

Lichenology in Suffolk. C.J. Hitch (2002) Open
Changes in the Lichen Flora of the Parish of Mendlesham, Suffolk, during the last Fifty Years. B. Coppins & P.W. Lambley (1974) Open
Few Lichens Left. J.C.N. Willis (1968) Open
A Note on Suffolk Lichens. D.C. Hawksworth (1967) Open
Lichens. J.C.N. Willis (1953) Open

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