SBIS holds records from Suffolk for all taxonomic groups. Coverage varies from group to group and is largely a reflection of the number of people interested in the group. In general the 'big and pretty' groups, such as birds, butterflies and mammals are well covered whilst less popular groups such as woodlice, micro-moths and parasitic hymenoptera have relatively little data.

These pages provides a brief summary of SBIS holdings for each group and to what extent this data has been computerised. County recorders for each group are listed and links to the relevant National Schemes and Societies. Current projects and future work priorities (as seen by SBIS) are also outlined together with any major publications which provide Suffolk information.

For all groups the first requirement is to establish a checklist of the species in the County, past and present. The next stage is to list species in national red data books, nationally scarce, and those included in the Biodiversity Action Plan lists. For some groups lists of 'County Notable' and 'Habitat Quality Indicator' species will also be drawn up. These lists will be prepared by working groups with expertise on each taxonomic group in consultation with conservation bodies in the County. As far as possible selection at County level will be comparable from group to group using published evaluation criteria similar to those used for County Wildlife Site selection. These lists will be used internally when deciding on priorities for computerisation and will be circulated within the County to encourage recording.

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