Achieving success through partnerships

There are significant benefits to partnership working. It can lead to extra funding, bring in expertise and generate more buy in from people. WaterLIFE has been working in three UK catchments (the Soar, Camlad and Tamar) to increase skills and resources across the catchment partnerships in these areas so they are better equipped to improve the health of the water environment. They have produced a how to guide for catchment partnerships designed to increase capacity within these organisations.


National Trust calls for major reforms of farming subsidies

National Trust called for major reforms of farming subsidies post-Brexit to reverse the damage to the natural environment (August 4th). NT called on government to put the recovery and future resilience of the natural environment at the heart of the funding system that will replace the Common Agricultural Policy. The conservation charity said reform was essential to reverse decades of damage to the countryside and the headlong decline of species.



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