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Suffolk Swift Survey

Welcome to the Suffolk Wildlife Trust & Suffolk Bird Group Swift Survey. From here you can access recording forms to log sightings of Swifts in flight, traditional nest sites, provided nest sites and the absence of Swifts at nest sites.


ID Help and links

RSPB - Swift Identification Page • RSPB - Swift Species Page • Suffolk Wildlife Trust - Swift Page 
Suffolk Bird Group - Home Page • Swift Conservation - Home Page • Action for Swifts - Blogspot

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Swifts in flight

Please ONLY record Swifts flying around roof height. Nesting or prospecting Swifts form ‘Screaming Parties’ and fly fast, low and noisily around their nesting sites. Screaming Parties in May usually consist of experienced breeding adults, in June and July they will be joined by younger birds that are pairing up for the first time.

Please don’t report sightings of birds higher in the sky or feeding over water as they may be from some distance away. 


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Also If you’re interested in becoming more involved in the SOS Swifts campaign you could become a ‘swift searcher’. As a swift searcher, we will ask you to collect information from your local area to feed into the campaign. It may be that you have your own suggestions about nest box site location and local awareness initiatives. For more information about nest boxes please visit the Swift Conservation website and tick the box below if you’d like specific advice, so we can get in touch and ask for some more details.

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