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Suffolk Bird Atlas

The national Bird Atlas 2007–11 (Balmer et al 2013) was a huge project that set out to map the abundance and distribution of birds in Britain and Ireland during the breeding and winter seasons. It was a partnership between the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO), Birdwatch Ireland and the Scottish Ornithologists’ Club (SOC) and was the biggest survey of British birds ever undertaken.

There have been two previous breeding atlases 1968–72 (Sharrock 1976) and 1988–91 (Gibbons et al 1993) and a previous winter atlas 1981/82-1983/84 (Lack 1986). This allows comparisons and to see changes in distribution.

These atlases provide vital information for bird conservation. An important finding from the late 1980s atlas was the widespread range contraction of many farmland birds. It led to detailed research into the causes of the decline. The results from this new atlas will form the basis for the conservation of birds in the coming decades.

An Atlas Working Group was formed to oversee the project in Suffolk consisting of Andrew Easton, Andrew Green, Colin Jakes, Peter Lack, Nick Mason, Steve Piotrowski, Rob Wilton and Mick Wright. The aims were to seek total coverage at tetrad level for the whole of Suffolk, to verify all the records and to publish the results.


The verification of records was a long task, however, technology allowed it to be carried out efficiently. County verifiers were Andrew Green, Colin Jakes, Dr Peter Lack, Nick Mason, Steve Piotrowski, John Walshe and Mick Wright.

The completed dataset contained 488,897 records for Suffolk, comprising 216,531 records for the winter months (November 2007 to February 2011) and 272,364 for the breeding season months (April 2008 to July 2011). The breeding season total included records of observations for March and August to October, which had a breeding status assigned. The total number of species recorded was 277 in the winter and 335 in the summer and this included 147 breeding species.

This section examines the dataset in more detail and discusses, with maps and tables, a range of results not covered in the main body of the species maps, clicking on a map will open a larger version in a new window:

Total Species Density
Species Density at Tetrad Level
Winter Density Map

During the winter period almost 70% of all the County’s tetrads only held between 1 and 50 species of birds and a further 314 tetrads (29%) held between 51 and 100 species per tetrad. These relatively species rich tetrads were predominately on the coast, Waveney valley, the areas around Lackford and Livermere and the hinterland areas associated with the county’s tidal estuaries. Less than 3% of Suffolk tetrads held between 101 and 163 species. These hot spots for bird species occurred along the coast at Kessingland, Benacre, Southwold, Walberswick, Minsmere, Orford Ness, East Lane, Landguard and inland at Melton, Martlesham, Wherstead, Trimley, Oulton, Lackford and Lakenheath.

Summer Density Map

There are large areas of Suffolk (53%) where the number of species was less than 50 per tetrad, a further 491 tetrads (45%) held between 51 and 100 species per tetrad. There were only 18 hot spots where the number of species per tetrad was between 101 and 147. The hightest was TM46T, which contains RSPB's reserve at Minsmere followed by TM23V which contains the Landguard Bird Observatory

Birds of Conservation Concern – Red species
Winter Red Density Map

The number of BoCC red species recorded during the winter period, throughout Suffolk was 42. The wintering species were Bearded Tit, Bittern, Black-necked Grebe, Black-tailed Godwit, Brambling, Cetti’s Warbler, Common Crossbill, Common Gull, Common Redpoll, Corn Bunting, Dartford Warbler, Dunlin, Firecrest, Golden Pheasant, Goshawk, Grey Partridge, Hawfinch, Hen Harrier, Herring Hull, House Sparrow, Jack Snipe, Lapwing, Lesser Redpoll, Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, Linnet, Long-eared Owl, Marsh Harrier, Marsh Tit, Mediterranean Gull, Peregrine Falcon, Red Kite, Rough-legged Buzzard, Scaup, Short-eared Owl, Skylark, Song Thrush, Starling, Stock Dove, Tree Sparrow, Velvet Scoter, Willow Tit, Woodlark and Yellowhammer.

Summer Red Density Map

The number of BoCC red species recorded during the winter period, throughout Suffolk was 54. The summering species were Bearded Tit, Bittern, Black-necked Grebe, Black Redstart, Black-tailed Godwit, Cetti’s Warbler, Common Crossbill, Common Gull, Corn Bunting, Dartford Warbler, Dunlin, Firecrest, Garganey, Golden Oriole, Golden Pheasant, Goshawk, Grasshopper Warbler, Grey Partridge, Hawfinch, Herring Hull, Honey Buzzard, House Sparrow, Lapwing, Lesser Redpoll, Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, Linnet, Little Ringed Plover, Little Tern, Long-eared Owl, Marsh Harrier, Marsh Tit, Marsh Warbler, Mediterranean Gull, Montague’s Harrier, Nightjar, Peregrine Falcon, Red Kite, Rough-legged Buzzard, Roseate Tern, Short-eared Owl, Skylark, Song Thrush, Spoonbill, Spotted Flycatcher, Starling, Stock Dove, Stone Curlew, Tree Pipit, Turtle Dove, Tree Sparrow, Willow Tit, Woodlark, Yellow Wagtail and Yellowhammer.

Woodland Species Density

Winter Woodland Density Map

The number of woodland species recorded during the winter period, throughout Suffolk was 26. The wintering species were Blackbird, Blackcap, Blue Tit, Bullfinch, Chaffinch, Chiffchaff, Coal Tit, Dunnock, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Green Woodpecker, Goldcrest, Great Tit, Hawfinch, Jay, Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, Long-tailed Tit, Marsh Tit, Nuthatch, Robin, Siskin, Song Thrush, Sparrowhawk, Tawny Owl, Treecreeper, Willow Tit and Wren.

Summer Woodland Density Map

The number of woodland species recorded during the summer period, throughout Suffolk was 34.The summering species were Blackbird, Blackcap, Blue Tit, Bullfinch, Chaffinch, Chiffchaff, Coal Tit, Dunnock, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Green Woodpecker, Garden Warbler, Goldcrest, Great Tit, Hawfinch, Jay, Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, Lesser Whitethroat, Long-tailed Tit, Marsh Tit, Nightingale, Nuthatch, Redpoll (Lesser and Common), Redstart, Robin, Siskin, Song Thrush, Sparrowhawk, Spotted Flycatcher, Tawny Owl, Tree Pipit, Treecreeper, Willow Tit, Willow Warbler and Wren.

Farmland Species Density
Winter farmland species density map

The number of farmland species recorded during the winter period, throughout Suffolk was 16. The wintering species were Corn Bunting, Goldfinch, Greenfinch, Grey Partridge, Jackdaw, Kestrel, Lapwing, Linnet, Reed Bunting, Rook, Skylark, Starling, Stock Dove, Tree Sparrow, Woodpigeon and Yellowhammer.

Summer Farmland Density Map

The number of farmland species recorded during the sumer period, throughout Suffolk was 19. The summering species were Corn Bunting,Goldfinch,Greenfinch, Grey Partridge, Jackdaw, Kestrel, Lapwing, Linnet, Reed Bunting, Rook, Skylark, Starling, Stock Dove, Tree Sparrow,Turtle Dove, Whitethroat.Woodpigeon,Yellow Wagtail and Yellowhammer


Species maps

These maps have been plotted at the tetrad level. Five rare bird species were mapped at a 10 km level with a single icon at its centre regardless of the number of birds or territories. The maps are based on information from the BTO survey 2007–11.

Click a species name to see the maps. Refine the species list by selecting a conservation list in the left-hand dropdown box and/or searching for part or all of a species name in the right-hand box.

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Bird species recorded in each tetrad


Please be patient, the dots on the map will take some time to load.
Each dot represents the centre of a 2x2 km tetrad.

Top 50 birds encountered during summer timed tetrad visits
English Name Total Birds Summer No. Tetrads Summer Max Count
Woodpigeon 110905 907 815
Rook 40898 691 1240
Chaffinch 26023 903 47
Blackbird 23858 902 49
Jackdaw 23271 764 370
House Sparrow 18590 694 138
Wren 16448 893 32
Carrion Crow 16276 872 150
Starling 16107 656 414
Blue Tit 15879 892 60
Robin 12610 892 31
Black-headed Gull 12345 332 1000
Great Tit 11632 882 31
Greenfinch 11543 823 163
Swallow 11183 821 50
Mallard 10963 657 618
Skylark 10582 798 45
Pheasant 10323 843 40
Swift 9744 652 110
Collared Dove 9474 761 78
Goldfinch 9328 810 136
Lesser Black-backed Gull 9182 330 920
Whitethroat 7818 796 37
Chiffchaff 7213 830 19
House Martin 7063 592 70
Dunnock 6843 836 26
Yellowhammer 6407 695 64
Blackcap 6148 802 19
Long-tailed Tit 6007 703 40
Linnet 5043 562 70
Magpie 4925 769 19
Red-legged Partridge 4673 590 32
Herring Gull 4200 224 200
Greylag Goose 4024 159 482
Stock Dove 3675 593 31
Canada Goose 3502 205 300
Moorhen 3415 631 26
Song Thrush 3242 736 12
Green Woodpecker 2748 758 10
Lapwing 2506 234 136
Shelduck 2452 179 125
Coal Tit 2299 380 42
Feral Pigeon 2211 170 100
Pied-White Wagtail 2149 582 23
Mute Swan 2080 174 246
Sand Martin 2032 79 340
Common Gull 1701 75 500
Jay 1683 568 11
Mistle Thrush 1655 478 33
Great Spotted Woodpecker 1584 606 6
Top 50 birds encountered during winter timed tetrad visits
English Name Total Birds Winter No. Tetrads Winter Max Count
Woodpigeon 371006 933 8000
Rook 86233 764 720
Black-headed Gull 84052 752 1230
Starling 83111 742 10000
Fieldfare 50620 714 604
Jackdaw 44685 770 700
Chaffinch 36951 924 286
Blackbird 36567 936 112
Lapwing 35583 324 1952
Golden Plover 24857 125 2500
Blue Tit 24468 929 50
Carrion Crow 23996 929 315
Common Gull 21895 524 800
Wigeon 20500 93 3000
Mallard 18397 616 1204
House Sparrow 17372 656 91
Great Tit 17245 926 49
Redwing 16119 631 620
Robin 15320 928 40
Long-tailed Tit 14603 826 61
Pheasant 13272 830 211
Skylark 12544 657 480
Pink-footed Goose 12312 11 10000
Goldfinch 12199 773 105
Red-legged Partridge 11624 569 200
Greenfinch 11566 767 209
Collared Dove 11437 731 150
Canada Goose 8897 147 737
Herring Gull 8588 382 333
Wren 8349 878 30
Teal 7720 125 762
Yellowhammer 7395 504 200
Linnet 7017 232 498
Magpie 7007 874 26
Dunnock 6868 852 24
Greylag Goose 6824 127 973
Dunlin 6584 31 850
Redshank 5587 75 403
Moorhen 5223 640 51
Feral Pigeon 5074 178 227
Lesser Black-backed Gull 5053 286 310
Curlew 4467 94 421
Shelduck 4335 85 380
Meadow Pipit 4140 430 65
Pied-White Wagtail 3998 594 160
Siskin 3698 201 150
Stock Dove 3658 464 154
Coal Tit 2866 426 70
Jay 2857 704 11
Goldcrest 2784 492 28

The Suffolk working group decided to survey every tetrad, which included any land within the Suffolk boundaries, whereas, the national survey aimed to cover every 10 km square and to have timed counts in at least eight tetrads in each.

When comparing this Atlas with previous Atlases there was a very important difference in the way that data were collected. The BTO developed a dedicated online system to allow Roving Records and Timed Tetrad Visits to be submitted online; also fieldworkers could access web pages to see where gaps in fieldwork were required.

There were two types of fieldwork:

  1. Timed Tetrad Visits (TTVs): recording and counting all the birds seen or heard in a 2x2 km square during timed visits of one or two hours, in the winter and the breeding season.
  2. Roving Records: recording any bird, at any time and at any location.
TTVs required two one-hour count periods that were carried out twice over the winter period and again during the breeding season in every tetrad (2x2 km square). These counts were designed to provide an estimate of relative abundance in the 10 km square.

The required periods for fieldwork were: For winter the early visit was from 1 November to 31 December and the late visit from 1 January to 28/29 February and for summer fieldwork the early visit was from 1 April to 31 May and the late visit from 1 June to 31 July.

What to count: Observers were asked to count only individuals that were using the square. They were to ignore individuals flying over the square except for hunting raptors and hirundines that were effectively ‘using’ the square. During the breeding season juveniles were excluded from the counts. On the coast, birds were counted as far offshore as the observer was confident in identifying them, provided they were still in their tetrad. Anything offshore but not in the tetrad was submitted as a Roving Record for the appropriate tetrad. All introduced and feral species were to be counted.

Colonial nesting species (inland or coastal): If a colony (one or more nests) was encountered these were to be recorded in the ‘Colony Table’ on the recording form. The minimum requirement was to tick that a colony was present on either of the visits and if possible to count the colony. The maximum count of Apparently Occupied Nests or the number of individuals in the colony was required. Shading on the Colony Table gave guidance on which method to use for specific species. Only rough estimates were required. Any colony nesting species encountered away from the colony were to be counted and recorded in the main part of the recording form.

Stopping the clock: if a flock of birds, a colony, or a particularly ‘busy’ area (e.g. a wood at dawn chorus) was encountered the clock could be ‘paused’ in order to do the counting. When counting large aggregations, or areas with high densities, an approximate count was only required.

Roving Records, the aim in Suffolk was to compile comprehensive species lists for every tetrad (2 km x 2 km square) in both seasons. These data will form the basis of all the distribution maps in the final production.

Breeding evidence: During the breeding season the fieldworkers were asked to record the highest evidence of breeding for each species in every tetrad. The aim was always to confirm breeding if possible. The various levels were recorded using standard codes.

The code F (flying over) was only to be used for roving records, as birds flying over were excluded from TTV counts.

Non-breeding birds

  • F Flying over
  • M Species observed but suspected to be still on migration
  • U Species observed but suspected to be summering non-breeder
Possible breeding
  • H Species observed in breeding season in suitable nesting habitat
  • S Singing male present (or breeding calls heard) in breeding season in suitable nesting habitat
Probable breeding
  • P Pair observed in suitable nesting habitat in breeding season
  • T Permanent territory presumed through registration of territorial behaviour (song etc) on at least two different days, a week or more apart, at the same place; or many individuals on one day
  • D Courtship and display
  • N Visiting probable nest site
  • A Agitated behaviour
  • I Brood patch of incubating bird (from bird in the hand)
  • B Nest building or excavating nest hole
Confirmed breeding
  • DD Distraction display or injury feigning
  • UN Used nest or eggshells found (occupied or laid within period of survey).
  • FL Recently fledged young or downy young
  • ON Adults entering or leaving nest site in circumstances indicating occupied nest
  • FF Adult carrying faecal sac or food for young
  • NE Nest containing eggs
  • NY Nest with young seen or heard

The final data collection included records extracted from Bird TrackThe Breeding Bird Survey Nest recordsRinging, and Wetland Bird Survey counts.

Map showing the number of timed tetrad visits in Summer  Map showing the number of timed tetrad visits in Winter

pie chart showing the number of times tetrads Summer    pie chart showing the number of times tetrads Winter



One thousand and seventy individuals sent in records. Five hundred and seventy individuals sent in more than fifty records; the top three people for sending in records were David Cawdron (thirty-six thousand), Malcolm Fairly (nineteen thousand) and Stephen Goddard (eighteen thousand).

Timed Tetrad Visit Fieldworkers

Lynn Allen

Tony Albrehart

Terry Austin

Dean Backhouse

Denys Bakewell

Tom Bamber

Michael Bamford

Colin Bannister

Patrick Barker

Lee Barber

Martin Beacon

D Beamish

Chris Bingham

Keith Blomerly

Alan Bourne

Kevin Boyce

James Bradley

Phil Brown

James Brown

Wendy Brown

Mark Broughton

Mike Buckingham

N & G Burfield

Sue Burnett

Roger Buxton

Neil Calbrade

David Camp

Nathaniel Cant

S Carmichael

Colin Carter

David Carter

Ian Castle

Malcolm Cavanagh

Dave Cawdron

Berwyn Clarke

Jeremy Clarke

Nigel Clark

Keith Claydon

Peter Cloke

Kate Coghlan

Mark Collier

Clive Collins

David Collins

B Cooper

James Cracknell

Dave Crawshaw

Mark Crossley

Will Dale

D Damant

James Davidson

Jo Davis

John Davis

Carlos Davies

Jenny Dawson

Mathew Deans

Stephen Dean

Paul Dickinson

Ian Downie

Pam Dungeon

Derek Eaton

Reg Etheridge

M Fairley

Mark Ferris

Dennis Finch

Julian Flowers

Triston Folland

Duncan Ford

Laurie Forsyth

Malcolm Forbes

Terry Fordham

J Fossey

Jeremy Gaskill

Jo Gearing

John Gibbs

John Glazebrook

Roger Glazebrook

Steve Goddard

A Goodall

Ashley Gooding

Sue Gough

Katie Green

G Grieco

Andrew Green

Chris Gregory

Adam Gretton

Lisa Grove

Stephen Flory?

Linda Hammond

Peter Ling

Bruce Harrington

K Hand

Robin Harvey

Ian Henderson

Chris Hewson

Alec Hillier

John Hiles

Geoffrey Hoad

Paul Holms

David Hopkins

Tony Howe

Phil Howell

C Hullis

Steve Hunting

Colin Jakes

S Jarvis

J&G Jenner

Clive Jones

Robert Johnson

Chris Keeling

Dennis Kell

James Kennerley

Trevor Kerridge

Paul King

Peter Lack

Rowena Langston

Bill Last

Russell Leavett

Ivan Lockwood

Norman Loth

Melody Lovelace

Colin Lucas

M & S Macey

Rob Macklin

Julie March

Mike Marsh

Nick Marsh

Stephen Marginson

Jeff Martin

Richard Mason

Nick Mason

Trummy Mayhew

Peter Merchant

Alan Miller

Mervyn Miller

Ryan Miller

John Mousley

Keith Morris

Richard Mudhar

W Mumford

Phillip Murphy

Jeremy Mynott

Steve Noble

Mary Nordan

Nigel Odin

Paul Oldfield

Tom Oliver

Louise O’Neil

Doug Owen

Jerry Oxford

Philip Nixon

Scott Patterson

Eric Patrick

James Pearce

Mike Pratt

Michael Price

Dave Pearson’s

Martin Peers

Graham Pickett

Steve Piotrowski

Carl Powell

Rod Plowman

Lawrence Potter

Alec Prior

Kathie Puttock

Mel Quy

Richard Rafe

Andrew Rainne

Carl Randell

Jonny Rankin

Peter Ransome

Michael Rae

Alex Rafinski

Neville Rayment

G Reilly & D ford

Stuart Reeves

Margaret Regnault

Kate Risley

Derek Rothery

Julian Roughton

Tony Runnacles

PJ Rutt

N Santy

Trudy Seagon

Pearson Silburn

Ian Sillett

Dave Sivyer

Brien Sivyer

Anne Shaw

Melvyn Sheard

Dudley Shepherd

John Smith

Roy Smith

M Sparkes

Paul Stancliffe

Terry Stopher

Susan Stone

William Stone

Mike Swindles

Timms & Day

Les Tarver

Brian Thomson

Alan Thornhill

David Tomlinson

Jan Toomer

Tim Townsend

John Turner

Darren Underwood

R Upton

Peter Vincent

Norman Vipond

David Walker

Don Walker

Justin Walker

David Walsh

Roger Walsh

John Walshe

John Warnes

Averill Wells

Dane West

Phil Wilkins

Rob Wilton

Garry Whatley

Bill Whybrow

Ian Whittaker

Phil Whittaker

Geoff Woodard

Mike Wortley

Malcolm Wright

Mick Wright

Justin Zantboer

All Observers and Data Sources

SC Abbott

MD Abdulla

TR Abrehart

NG Acheson

D Agombar

JR Alce

RJ Aldis

A Aldous

K Alexander

K Alexander

PR Allard

AE Allen

LA Allen

R Allen

E Allenby

GQA Anderson

S Anderson

E Anderton

DM Andrews

GR Atkin

PW Atkinson

S Attrell

D Austin

TS Austin

MI Avery

DV Avis

D Backhouse

L Bacon

SR Baillie

C Baines

JK Baker

D Baldwin

JD Ball

DE Balmer

T Bamber

MFM Bamford

S Bancroft

N Banham

S Banks

RCA Bannister

H Bantock

LJ Barber

P Barker

S Barnes

K Barrie

M Barriskill

K Bartman

I Barton

NJ Bateman

PW Bateman

GS Batho

A Batley

RE Batty

DJ Bax

M Beacon

DG Beamish

G Belcher

J Bellorini

M Berry

M Betts

MC Biddle

R Biddle

D Billing

GD Birch

RA Birch

S Birch

M Bird


J Birkett

JR Blackburn

MG Blamire

KP Blomerley

C Bloomfield

KD Blowers

T Blythe

P Bone

A Borlase

M Bostock

I Boston

A Bourn

GS Bowen

AS Bowes

KT Boyce

BR Boyland

J Bradley

I Bradshaw

A Braun

I Bray

KJ Brett

F Bridges

R Briggs

S Brooke

C Brooks

MA Broughton

C Brown

GB Brown

M Brown

P Brown

WM Brown

J Brownfield

P Brunet

SM Bryan

A Buckingham

D Buckingham

BD Buffery

RSK Buisson

C Bullock

RW Bullock

N D & G Burfield

N Burgum

A Burkin

SM Burnett

DW Burns

NHK Burton

RPM Bushell

GI Butcher

RR Buxton

D Cady

NA Calbrade

B Calder

Cambridgeshire Bird Club

PJ Cammack

AI Camp

DA Camp

JP Camp

N Cant

S Carey

S Carmichael

CEJ Carter

DG Carter

HM Carter

N Carter

PM Carter

I Castle

M Catchesides

BR Catlin

MS Cavanagh

D Cawdron

PJ Cawley

S Chalmers

J Chamberlain

D Chambers

C Chant

A Chapman

P Chapman

K Charity

R Cheetham

AS Cheke

C Chilvers

S Chippendale

PK Chown

R Christopher

FC Clark

JE Clark

JJ Clark

NA Clark

B Clarke

SJ Clarkson

AP Clay

M Clay

K Claydon

J Clements

BM Clifton

A Cobb

JC Coe

CH Colchester

JD Coleman

MP Collier

C Collins

DR Collins

MC Collins

GJ Conway

AS Cook

D Cook

DL Cook

MJ Cook

R Coombes

AJ Cooper

BJ Cooper

S Cooper

M Coulstock

TC Cowan

M Cowley

AP Cox


S Cox

D Coxon

J Cracknell

J Crapnell

AD Crawford

R Crawford

D Crawshaw

MG Creighton

M Crisp

M Crossley

NC Crouch

N Crowther

MJ Cumming

A Curtis

HE Cutting

C Dale

A Damant

D Damant

GJ Daniels

PJ Dare

RR Darsley

Dataset (BBS)

Dataset (GENERAL)

Dataset (HERON)

Dataset (NRS)

J Davidson

C Davies

G Davies

JA Davies

S Davies

C Davis

J Davis

J Dawson

I Day

RJ Dean

S Dean

M Deans

CW Dee

JP Dickie

PK Dickinson

T Dingwall

JM Dixon

I Dobson

P Dolton

H Dorrington

P Douch

CR Doughty

IS Downie

J Driessen

JE Druett

PR Dudgeon

R Duncan

JC Dunn

S Dyde

RA Eades

R Eagles

AC Easton

A Eaton

DR Eaton

J Eaton

MA Eaton

P Edwards

TG Edwards

NJC Elsey

D Elton

I Enlander

J Ensor

RC Etheridge

I Evans

M Evans

M Faint

R Fairhead

M Fairley

AR Farrar

C Farrell

M Farrier

PF Fawcett

MJ Feeney

J Ferguson

D Fernleigh

D Finch

PJ Finch

SL Fisher

M Fitch

T Flanagan

G Flinn

JN Flint

S Flory

MF Foley

TD Folland

S Foote

MS Forbes

S Forbes

DR Ford

WE Fordham

S Foreman

S Forest

L Forsyth

JE Fossey

MK Fowlie

B Fraser

S Free

TH Freeborn

KR Freeman

SN Freeman

JV Freshwater

AC Frost

R Frost

P Frostick

D Fuegi

DJ Fuller

KA Fuller

RJ Fuller

TP Fuller

B Galbraith

L Gallagher

B Galpin

KM Gander

JE Gearing

DW Gibbons

N Gibbons

S Gillings

JA Glazebrook

R Glazebrook

P Goacher

PR Goble

SR Goddard

J Gooch

IM Goodall

A Gooding

D Goodwin

JJ Gordon

BM Gough

SJ Gough

KR Grant

MG Grant

MJ Grantham

AD Green

DE Green

K Green

M Greenland

C Gregory

A Gretton

G Grieco

A Grieve

RD Gross

DJ Gruar

J Guiver

C Gunn

A Hall

AG Hall

CP Hall

E Hall

JM Halls

SA Halsey

J Halstead

PJ Hamling

LC Hammond

RE Harbird

S Hares

A Harmer

R Harrald

B Harrington

JC Harris

KS Harris

M Harris

NG Harris

RG Harris

DW Harrison

P Harrup

E Hart

R Hart

IR Hartley

MS Harvey

N Harvey

RM Harvey

WA Hatton

J Hawkins

R Hayes

IM Hayward

SJ Healey

B Hedley

IG Henderson

J Henderson

R Henderson

G Hersey-Green

RGW Heselden

G Hewitt

SJ Hewitt

C Hewson

G Hewson

R Hicks

J Hiles

K Hill

R Hill

AP Hillier

K Hirst

GD Hoad

JJ Hoare

DL Hobbs

JF Hobbs

JA Hobson

TN Hodge

J Hogg

M Holden

R Holland

M Holling

PJ Holmes

CA Holt

AJ Hooper

WD Hopkins

MR Hopton

D Horncastle

JHM Horne

R Horton

AM Howard

A Howe

P Howell

SK Howlett

M Hows

CW Hudson

C Hullis

M Hunt

B Hunter

S Hunting

A Hurrell

EW Hutchings

C Hutchinson

R Ingleston

T Inskipp

M Ixer

R Jackson

C Jacobs

CJ Jakes

S James

L Jaques

S Jarrett

KM Jarvis

SL Jarvis

A Jeff

R Jeffs

SR Jeffs

J Jenkins

J Jenkins Shaw

G Jenner

RJ Jennings

S Jennings

P Jephcott

R Jessop

JNCC Seabird Data

R Johnson

RT Johnson

B Jones

C Jones

CNB Jones

GW Jones

JR Jones

RJ Jones

TSD Jones

D Jordan

M Jordan

AC Joys

J Julyarski

L Kalfayan

J Kamp

EF Keeble

C Keeling

D Kell

SJ Kelman

JA Kennerley

PR Kennerley

DT Kennett

T Kerridge

A Kettle

J Key

DB Kightley

D King

M King

P King

P Kitchener

J Knightbridge

A Kydd

PC Lack

S Laflin

DA Lake

PM Lambert

RHW Langston

CE Lankester

C Lansdell

WA Last

LW Lawes

JC Le Gassick

VJ Lea

R Leavett

K Lee

D Leech

D Lester

S Lester

P Lewis

SJ Lewis

SA Leyland

AC Line

MD Linsley

E Lister

C Little

T Lockwood

V Lockwood

R Loose

N Loth

M Lovelace

G Lowe

C Lucas

M Lumsden

R Mabey

B Macdonald

M Macgarvin

JM MacGuire

B Mackenzie

RN Macklin

I Maclean

PR Maddison

R Mander

J March

JH Marchant

S Marginson

N Marriner

EW Marsh

MC Marsh

SK Marshall

BS Martin

JR Martin

JM Maskell

D Mason

JE Mason

NJ Mason

RC Mason

VA Matthews

T Mayhew

NV McCanch

CJ McDonald

M McDowall

S Mcfarlane

R Mcintyre

NT Mckenna

PAF Mckenzie Lloyd

S McLaney

P Meader

H Mellan

DM Melling

D Mellor

N Melsom

FJ Mercer

P Merchant

A Merritt

A Millar

AR Miller

L Miller

MJ Miller

R Miller

CH Mills

FW Mitchell

GK Moates

J Mole

O Moore

N Moran

NJ Moran

K Morris

P Morrison

D Moss

K Mottram

J Mousley

T Moverley

W Mumford

L Mundy

N Murphy

PW Murphy

R Murray

RD Murray

J Murrell

A Musgrove

C Mutimer

CA Mynott

RJ Mynott

A Nairn

R Nelson

SG Newby

P Newton

JP Nicholson

A Nixon

L Nixon

P Nixon

PC Noakes

SD Noble

M Norden

PJ Norfolk

G Nunn-Turner

MD Nuttall

CDJ O’Brien

MJ O’Leary

L O’Neill

N Oakes

D Oakley-Martin

N Odin

PR Oldfield

N Oliver

TR Oliver

E Osbaldeston

RT Osborne

D Owen

HJ Owen

J Oxford

M Padmore

R Page

A Palethorpe

J Palmer

R Palmer

RAK Parfitt

C Parfrey

NM Parish

P Parmenter

S Paterson

S Patmore

K Patrick

RS Pattimore

D Payne

K Pearce

JW Pearce-Higgins

D Pearsons

RH Peart

MF Peers

M Pelling

EI Peters

JM Pett

G Pettitt

RA Phelan

R Phillips

Z Philpott

HM Pickering

G Pickett

S Pickett

D Ping

M Piotrowski

S Piotrowski

DJ Piper

M Pittaway

BL Pleasance

D Pleasants

RG Plowman

B Pomfret

C Poole

L Potter

CR Powell

D Poyser

MP Pratt

G Price

M Price

AS Prior

DM Pritchard

K Proctor

D Pryor

K Puttick

D Pye

RJ Pyrah

T Quinn

M Quy

M Rae

RAF Lakenheath Conservation Group

RW Rafe

A Rafinski

A Raine

A Ramsell

K Randall

J Rankin

ND Rawlings

NW Rayment

J Rayner

B Reed

DG Rees

K Reeve

S Reeves

M Regnault

EJ Relf

SJ Rendell-Read

D Richardson

G Riches

W Riddett

M Rigby

G Riley

JD Riley


S Rippon

K Risely

CE Robinson

PJ Robinson

R Robinson

MD Rolfe

A Rooke

I Rose

AS Rosney

CM Ross

BN Rossiter

D Rothery

JC Roughton

J Rowe

P Rowe

A Rowley

RD Ruffell

JM Rushforth

M Rushton

L Russell

PJ Rutt

N Santy

S Satterthwaite

MA Sayer

GD Scholey

RDS Scott

AL Scrivener

T Seagon

S Shave

A Shaw

M Sheard

AJ Shearman

DJ Sheppard

M Shone

C Showell

M Shuter

PC Silburn

IC Sillett

N Sills

B Simmonds

OJ Simms

R Simpson

BA Sivyer

DB Sivyer

DB Skidmore

N.J., Skinner

E Slack

G Smith

J Smith

L Smith

RC Smith

RP Smith

S Smith

SJ Smithee

M Sparkes

J Spinner

M Spittles

IA Stachnicki

PA Stancliffe

A Stevens

C Stevens

G Stewart

R Stock

PGP Stoddart

S Stone

W Stone

A Stow

D Stratton-Thomsett

P Stronach

DA Stroud

A Stuart

B Stuckey

Suffolk Wildlife Trust Surveys

PA Sullivan

P Sutton

M Swallow

E Swarts

RW Swift

JM Swindells

A Szopa-Comley

L Tarver

DL Taylor

JE Taylor

M Taylor

BP Theakston

RC Theobald

RM Thewlis

A Thomas

DH Thomas

MV Thomas

B Thompson

IR Thompson

A Thornhill

J Thorogood

MM Tickler

RM Timms

A Tomlinson

D Tomlinson

MP Toms

S Tonkin

DK Toomer

J Toomer

TJ Townsend

S Trenerry

CE Trollope

R Trollope

A Tucker

N Tucker

JA Turner

M Turner

D Tutt

RA Tutthill

JP Tyler

A Tysoe

D Underwood

G Uney

G Upton

R Upton

D Vaughan

M Vaughan

H Venables

PR Vincent

N Vipond

R Wakelam

J Waldron

D Walduck

LK Walduck

A Walker

D Walker

J Walker

S Walker

D Walsh

GDJ Walsh

IR Walsh

J Walsh

J Walshe

C Ward

JD Warnes

RF Warren

S Warrington

NP Watson

PEW Watson

D Weaver

D Webb

G Webb

R Webb

GJ Webster

AA Wells

F Wells

G Whatley

MJ Wheeler

IN Whitaker

JR White

S White

S White

J Whitfield

L Whitfield

P Whittaker

WE Whybrow

DM Wignall

B Wijnberg

R Wilby

P Wilkins

S Willett

B Williams

C Williams

CT Williams

G Williams

PA Williams

G Wilson

G Wilson

J Wilson

PK Wilson

R Wilton

S Wiltshire

J Winkless

JC Wood

SD Wood

GD Woodard

RG Woodard

Z Woodhouse

MD Wortley

P Wren

E Wright

KMH Wright

MT Wright

RM Wright

SA Wright

SR Youell

D Younger

J Zantboer

On the shoulders of Giants....

My thanks go to:

  • Mick Wright for providing all the text, birding knowledge and enthusiasm for this project.
  • John Newnham from Sussex for showing us what was possible and freely donating the VB program for data handling.
  • Martin Sanford for providing data integrity, Suffolk Biodiversity Information Service support and web hosting
  • Alan Poppitt who helped with web magic of HTML, Javascript and CSS
  • Ben Heather who provided the mapping backgrounds
  • And of course Mick Wright and Steve Piotrowski for spending 6 years trying to teach the web developer about birds.

Margaret Renault

Creative Commons License Suffolk Bird Atlas by Margaret Regnault. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.