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Crickets and Grasshoppers

County Recorder: Stuart Ling

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Further information on recording and identification can be found on the Orthoptera Recording Scheme website. A species-based card index of published records from TSNS has been computerised. There are over 4200 records on the SBIS database.

Major Publications

The Orthoptera of Suffolk. C. Morley (1929 TSNS 1: 92)

Suffolk Orthoptera. G.W. Maybury (1982 TSNS 18: 289)

Orthoptera of Suffolk. S. Ling (2000 TSNS 36:53)


Other papers from Suffolk Natural History

A study of grasshopper glades at Center Parcs (Elveden Forest). T. Gardiner and J. Gardiner (2019) Open
Removal of Ponies benefits grasshoppers in Dunwich Forest. T. Gardiner (2014) Open
Grasshoppers of the Sandling heathlands. T. Gardiner (2013) Open
The discovery of Lesne’s Earwig in Holbrook Bay including an assessment of the importance of the Shotley peninsula for Dermaptera and Orthoptera. T. Gardiner (2012) Open
Rediscovery of the Woodland Grasshopper Omocestus rufipes in East Suffolk. T. Gardiner (2012) Open
The House Cricket Acheta domesticus in Suffolk. D. K. Underwood (2003) Open
Orthoptera Recorder’s Report 2001. S. Ling (2002) Open
Orthoptera Recorder’s Report 2000. S. Ling (2001) Open
The Wart-biter Bush-cricket. O. Cheesman (2001) Open
Suffolk Orthoptera. G.W. Maybury (1982) Open
Orthoptera of Suffolk Revised. Anon Open
The Orthoptera of Suffolk. C. Morley Open

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