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Volume 41 1992

Part 1

Part 2


Twenty years of the Common Bird Census on Hollesley Heath – Allan Miller7
A brief summary of the Eagle Owl's status in Europe and its possible implications for Suffolk and Britain – Jeff Martin11
The Long-tailed Skua in Suffolk – John Cawston15
Breeding waders and other waterfowl on the coastal marshes and saltings of Suffolk in 1988 and 1989 – T.C. Holzer, C.H. Beardall, R.C. Dryden & R.B. West19
Weather trends and their effect on the county's avifauna 1991 – John H. Grant29
The 1991 Suffolk bird report35
Rarities in Suffolk 1991 – Steve Piotrowski142
Landguard bird observatory – Mike Crewe156
Suffolk ringing report – Mike Marsh162